“Interesting” by big data make dead hu xueyan

the author: tse-fai

this is not a bullshit, very serious tell you, from the beginning of the qing dynasty had someone playing with big data… China’s first big data will play dead, an analyst with the well-known hu xueyan! The author tse-fai is ali data platform, test engineer, it seems engineers also has a heart of gossip.

— — — — — — – sheng xuanhuai introduction — — — — — — — —

the qing dynasty famous “red top official merchant” is hu spent most of his life, but in his bankruptcy, make him down from the summit of business is he never met a rival, sheng xuanhuai (1844 ~ 1916), and sheng xuanhuai is I want to introduce you to the protagonist in this paper. Late qing dynasty, is the second big change since the spring and autumn period and the warring states period in China, this is unfortunate, but is an age of heroes cast to, gone with the hero so much so that sheng xuanhuai so important people drown in the dust of history, if we carefully review of his life, he can be found as so much, if hu is one of the most famous red top businessman, sheng xuanhuai is truly big business, hu is due to business officer, sheng xuanhuai is due to the officer, the title of his most famous is the father of modern Chinese business, he created the first 11 China, including the first joint-stock enterprise and the first bank in China.

Hu xueyan sheng xuanhuai

— — — — – sheng xuanhuai operations the first joint-stock enterprise in China — — — — — — — —

sheng xuanhuai was extremely rare in China another technocrat, tse-fai here for everyone to manage way first big background at that time, when the qing court internally just during the taiping heavenly kingdom, foreign just lost the second opium war, tottering, undercurrent. Represented by empress dowager cixi stubborn old school know, if you don’t make a change, then his reign will be reversed, so have to compromise, complied with the reform of the westernization movement, the four together of westernization movement, zeng guofan, zuo zongtang and li hongzhang and zhang zhidong. They are the core of the reform of learning western technology, strategy is to master the skills of the barbarians to, the goal is to new army. In this historical background, the dominant they established an unprecedented series of modern enterprises in China, for example, was established in 1872, the first joint-stock enterprise in China, China merchants, ship was founded in 1889 the first modern iron and steel enterprises, hanyang iron works, who is picked on by li hung chang sheng xuanhuai as technocrats, as a representative of the bit official bureau director and chamber of commerce directors including China the first capitalist seo yoon et al., as well as other ordinary shareholders, enterprise’s operation was successful, by 1882, the price of the stock has been more than two rose to 100 from 200, when the qing court official shares about 30%, the private accounts for 70%, sheng xuanhuai at this time to expand the state-owned shares, his way is first released official official may sell shares of false information, reduce the ordinary investors confidence in the stock, investors dumped liquid, then official ambush at low price to buy back shares, the final result, with minimal cost to obtain the official China merchants a majority stake, and the main business of China merchants also because of official support to continue rapid development, the masses of people, especially the big capitalists seo yoon is severely pit the time. This is almost the earliest Chinese stock market value of the case.

— — — — –, hu xueyan stockpiling raw silk — — — — — — — —

you can see from this sheng xuanhuai means and modern technique, give priority to in order to study the Confucian ethical code was most of the bureaucracy could not have, but the back is the second thing I have to say, is the sheng xuanhuai is with big data beat the story of hu xueyan. Sheng xuanhuai is the younger brother li hongzhang, hu xueyan was the younger brother of zuo zongtang, zuo zongtang and li hongzhang’s political opponents, in li’s behest, sheng xuanhuai hu decided to lay off zuo zongtang’s arm, when foreign firm controls the raw silk export pricing power in China, the price of raw silk is surprisingly low pressure, jiangsu and zhejiang area of silk farmers suffering. Hu xueyan watched silk farming was broke under the heel of a foreign firm, secretly determined to capture raw silk trade pricing power. So hu xueyan hoarding the raw silk, want to monopolize the silk market. For hu xueyan this big businessmen, business business too much, spreading itself too large, the most fear is capital chain rupture, this is the weakest link sheng xuanhuai at now.

— — — — –, the key is coming! See ancestors is how to use data beat hu! — — — —

the sheng xuanhuai as an important figure, westernization movement in the southeast coast of China has established the cable network that was the most advanced communication technology, and the head of the cable network. In 1878, hu xueyan had on behalf of the qing government in the name of the private borrowing to HSBC bank about 650, two thousand, 1882, he again on behalf of the qing government borrowing to HSBC bank about 400, two thousand, the qing court every half a year’s time, lending to hu xueyan, and hu xueyan payment to HSBC. In 1883, sheng xuanhuai found the road station of Shanghai, said li hongzhang to instruct his loan 20 days later, the 20 days, hu xueyan had to his fukang Banks from their business out 80 two thousand fill the void, at that time, hu xueyan of each branch company has adopted the telegraph as a means of communication, and the cable net operating for many years, sheng xuanhuai had mastered the hu xueyan almost all stores to the flow of capital storage and can select hu almost every branch of every day, as hu xueyan obtained 80 two thousand pieces of silver from fukang bank fill the HSBC bank balances, sheng xuanhuai immediately knew the fukang bank capital empty at this time, then convened some of the big shareholders to run fukang bank, said in a news release hu xueyan hoard raw silk lose money at the same time, and cannot be returned defaulted on their loans, so the ordinary depositors running, fukang bank failures. Collaborating with foreign firm by air and sheng xuanhuai, down the price of raw silk, eager to sell cash as silk fill the hole with hu xueyan wiped out, bankruptcy, was the final result.

— — — — — — — — – hold shift handed down — — — — — —

this is sheng xuanhuai hu xueyan deal large amounts of data are obtained by telegram information, so as to find out his capital chain loophole, and beat his story. Sheng xuanhuai is China the first person to play big data, he founded the telegraph system of China, and put him into a political and commercial war. He is a man who likes to collect data, in addition to using the telegraph, he has a very strange habit, it is like to collect all kinds of files, to map, small to note, even the wife scold him like to play with women’s letters are collected, and he collected all the files are now preserved, called “archives”, file a total of 170000, 100 million words, involves a lot of famous people such as li at that time, zuo zongtang, zhang zhidong, liang qichao, yuan shikai, such as sun yat-sen, the content of the communication, is a very precious and real national treasure. It is said that there is only a letter to the empress dowager cixi diaoyu island were, are, and to give his hand, true to stay.

believe that both his prospective and his dexterity are very dependent on his usual get information from the data collected. He succumbed to political struggle down hu also controversial, zuo zongtang and hu xueyan has been appraised by the later generations, is a great hero, is a businessman and a good man, and li hongzhang and sheng xuanhuai are always full of controversy. But anyway, his method of using new technology to beat the competition is indeed a classic case of commercial war. Please remember China to play the first big data – the father of Chinese modern commercial sheng xuanhuai.

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