Interest graph website love library failed sites prospects are grim

interest based on the collection of social networking sites for library network today announced closure. Love library network in December 2010, closed, in May 2011, open beta, love is grand institute library network original project, one of the two former royal institute of independence venture after employee leaves his post.

in 2011, in an interview with the founder is so describe love library network:

love library network is similar to online favorites. In love online, people can found a good website, pictures or video content collection here, and through the classification, tag, description, and so on to manage the content, convenient search.

of course, it is not just as simple favorites, compared with the traditional browser favorites, the biggest different is, here you can see the favorites of others, and then find more good content and like-minded people. Love library web page there will be a hot every day and the latest collection content recommendation, also can go to search through the label interested in content, users can pay attention to interact and send messages to each other.

today, love the library official weibo:

we regret to inform you, love the library network will be closed in July 18, 2013, this is a difficult decision, thank you for your always support for the library net love, please be sure to export backup your data before July 18.

love library network collapse also sparked heated debate:

The risk:

@ dream house is a good domestic standing collapse could not be profitable. Where is the angel investors are??

@ generation has his: why? Sell than closed well, there must be some users are willing to offer

@ drop bo xiaoguang: good service team, you have iron powder values! Domestic conditions, the original service is not easy to do, after 18 years is a brave man [”

@ Wu Hanjian: since Google reader link out bookmarks bar, now again can make two love the location of the library network.

the personage inside course of study to the hunting cloud network, said love library bankrupt and can’t find the profit model about delays. At present, the domestic like petals web and similar sites to make money, the future prospects are grim.