Intel’s new CEO: accelerate the transformation to mobile in the future

Beijing time on May 17, according to foreign media reports, on Thursday, Intel’s new chief executive Brian found Nick (Brian Krzanich) Ann said, under his leadership, Intel will be more responsive to customer’s requirements, to intensify efforts to focus on fast-growing smartphone and tablet market. Now, in the smartphone and tablet market, Intel has been greatly lagged behind rivals.

at the annual general meeting, Brian took Paul Otellini, Paul Otellini, Intel’s new chief executive. In November, Mr Otellini suddenly announced retirement plan. In the era of otellini, on the one hand, the industry of the company, the demand for the PC processors weaken unceasingly, on the other hand, Intel’s performance in the field of smart phones and tablets have been poor.

at the annual shareholder meeting, Brian said: “yes, we missed the business, in some tablets and mobile computing, we are long overdue. However, we believe that we have a good foundation.”

Brian work in Intel for 30 years, has been famous for operating Intel advanced manufacture factory. At present, Brian and Intel’s new President Renee James (Renee James) has begun talks with manufacturers to customers. Brian has said: “they all shows us the developing direction of the market and should be the developing direction of Intel. We Dou adjustments to the infrastructure of the company and product line.”

for decades, Intel has been the main business focus on PC, but the rapid development of a reflection of the business such as smart phones and tablets are very slow. Nowadays, tablet and smartphone market has been firmly in control, qualcomm and samsung rivals these competitors mainly using ARM’s authorization to design chips.

traditionally, Intel’s power or from its manufacturing business, Intel’s board of directors of the promotion for the new chief executive Brian also suggests that the company’s advanced manufacturing network is still maintain Intel key success factors. Renee James, meanwhile, the promotion also indicated that Intel’s software and other related services is also very important factors.

Intel’s chief financial officer Stacy Smith (Stacy Smith) said: “I think, the emphasis is very important. Focus on the terminal customers, focus on the implementation, the real focus on ultra mobile business, these are very important.”

just last week, Intel announced on its Atom mobile processor by far the most comprehensive reorganization, is also in order to support the company to enter the smartphone and tablet business. In fact, Intel processor has been used in many Asian, African and European smartphone, however, Intel were yet to roll out LTE, and this technology has been adopted by qualcomm, and the technology is more and more application of smart phones in the us market, including apple’s iPhone and samsung’s Galaxy series mobile phone.

translation: tencent technology