Intelligent subversion: Huang Dong in the eyes of router will family information center

note: hunting cloud network was first reported recently and reported, this also caused the attention to this emerging intelligent router products, interviewed Huang Dong sina science and technology, Shared his understanding and thinking of the product.

router appear to have had a light bulb. Is often the same: buy a router is enabled, most people won’t look at, unless one day router broken… Is one such obscure hiding in the corner of the equipment, in the eyes of others is a very promising subversion objects.

according to?

the past few years, computers, mobile phones, the intelligent process accelerating, their appearance, function, interface, are faster and faster pace of moving forward. This seems to be a consistent trend of electronic equipment, but the trend is still some anomaly, for example the router, over the past few years the most obvious promotion seems just transmission speed.

“router one day also can produce revolution”, Huang Dong told sina science and technology. A former youku Huang Dong of technology vice President, is now a member of the shells electronic, and he is responsible for the direction is the intelligent router.

how routers contain the opportunity, to be able to attract Huang Dong and fruit shell? Answer this question, first to see the world trend. The aforementioned intelligent shipments of smartphones, for example over function machine; Along with the mobile Internet, the traditional personal computer is more and more widely replaced tablets.

there might be more in the future family smartphones, tablets, but without a PC. In this process, the emergence of a vacuum – photos, movies, etc. Seems to be more and more data is placed.

“so there will be a new thing, can replace traditional PC storage capability”, Huang Dong said that the device does not need to monitor, keyboard, and the ability to connect smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, and many other devices. This will be a new thing, is not necessarily a never before seen.

a router is a ready-made candidate. Usually a family all access to the Internet in the equipment, will be connected to a router, in the chain, the router is in the center of the absolute position. Huang Dong think router is qualified to be in the family of “information center, connecting the center of the center, enjoy”.

at the same time, the router also has room to improve. If a device is convenient for intelligent transformation, there is an important premise: central processing unit (CPU). Look around in the whole family all electric equipment, seems to have this condition is not much, and Huang Dong also told sina science and technology, “I is the router first began to think of”.

in the nut, Huang Dong smartphone business in fact independent of the original system of intelligent, smart watches, rings and other business, the future will also operate independently, but should continue GEAK the new launch of the brand.


from idea to reality, there are many paths. Currently on the market of the existing intelligent router Huang Dong eyes, is still in very early stages, some selling point even policy risk. Actually similar products, fruit shell electronic team has made a year ago, but after several discussions, still don’t feel subversive, so there is no release.

now the nut and Huang Dong what new ideas?

first, let the router has more processing power, by now the passage of mononuclear 400 MHZ, upgraded to a dual-core, quad-core; More storage space, memory by more than 16 MB upgrade to 1 gb, and storage space can even increase to level in T terms. But the question is, how it would be in the extent of increase the price of a router?

Huang Dong, for instance, now a configuration for the 1.6 GHz CPU, 1 gb of memory, 4 gb of storage space, costs about 300 yuan or so, and the cost of routing module in a few yuan. And in the electronics industry is prevailing rules, with the passage of time, improve production costs have been falling.

second, allow routers to run intelligent operating system, install an App. Huang Dong team is communicating with third-party partners, to build an intelligent platform environment based on the router.

third, let the router and cloud services. Cloud computing is self-evident in the future, nut shell electrons are research and development of intelligent router, were said to be clever and cloud service together. Huang Dong said this is also your strengths, few after all his rivals on the “management of thousands of servers and the bandwidth of the T”.

but all of these were just Huang Dong part of the plan, more ideas are going to keep to product release – that is, when the shells electronic fall launch of the program.

more functional products will become the future intelligent products, how to connect these devices, is a new opportunity. Huang Dong to team’s mission is: let all things connected to the Internet, to communicate between them. The future may be you just sat down on the sofa, intelligent router has command all the appliances with the most need of service.

“we shouldn’t call him or router, this is a new thing”, Huang Dong said.

source: sina tech Meng Hong