Intelligent mess: watch industry giant piling Startup?

in recent media exposure, as early as last summer, , this strongly supported the previous speculation of a Google the search giant will follow the ambitious Google glasses after the project into wearable devices based on intelligent watches.

samsung the Galaxy Gear seems to be a decent enough smart watches three galaxies camps in the opening. There are rumours that it has quite a good internal processor ( 1.5 GHz dual-core), , 720 video 400 megapixel camera, 2.5 OLED screen and 10 hours of battery life. screenshot has been provided already, allegedly control Gear and its setting is Android phone, in terms of functionality it looks like we have in other devices such as Pebble .

there are quite a few consumers are similar to the Pebble equipment, through early booking and Kickstarter , the 7 275000 , and Hyetis Crossbow , Swiss watch manufacturers have managed to has sold the 300 set – you may feel the sales is too weak, but when you realize that 300 person for their Crossbow smart watch out when you wouldn’t think so. But the equipment from the smaller startups market sales volume small, the future of apple and samsung products, if only in this way the sales won’t last long.

Other like

MetaWatch has not released their next move, but Fossil in Kickstarter success for with Strata smart watch for the raise. MetaWatch and Pebble (the founder of them since inPulse is in the development of smart watches) this smart watch manufacturers look especially make with samsung, apple and other companies targets. Giant can reserves by buying these professional startup technology and talents.

a few big companies like SONY, the lead in household experience. As early as in the 2008 years, it developed a bluetooth watch , then development Sony smart watch will soon . But others, including the and countless other OEM may be market investigation by the market boom, probably also in the busy time for talent pool.

hardware mass shipment, once you start a startup problem scale and continuity of easy, difficult to provide a large number of users with mass is stable and reliable products. That’s why MakerBot why takeover – and a bigger and more qualified company cooperation to solve the problem of the scale of production. And this also applies to eventually Pebble smart watches such as hardware startups. Now the only question now these companies are looking to buy are too late, after all, such as samsung, apple has organized their own product development team.