Intel chip plant to ARM open the door?

abstract: Forbes posted exclusive news that in today’s ARM developers conference, one of the U.S. chip giant Altera announced that next year will use Intel technology manufacturing 64 ARM processor. Intel technology + ARM, what does it mean?

in today’s ARM developers conference, Intel partner Altera corporation announced that next year will be 64 – bit processors based on ARM architecture. Closely tied to the company and Intel, will use Intel’s 14 nm Tri – Gate process manufacturing own next generation Stratix 10 processors, SoC integration four 64 – bit ARM architecture (A53 CPU core. This news a tremendous impact on the chip industry: before, after all, Intel has been hard trying to challenge the ARM in a dominant position in the field of mobile, now it’s process, will be used to produce the ARM chip.

Insight 64 analysts told reporters: “this incident is of great significance. Think about it, the most powerful 64 – bit ARM chip architecture and Intel’s top process!”

this is just the beginning, the drama behind

this step, there will be more space for imagination. This time just partner Altera to battle, if Intel’s chip factories to open the door to the ARM the manufacturer? It is fully capable of competing with TSMC, samsung qualcomm, nvidia and apple chip foundry business.

analysts predicted: “Intel’s future is entirely possible for apple OEM chip, qualcomm foundry Xiao dragons, prototypes for nvidia.”

once at the top of the Intel chip plant to qualcomm etc. Open the door, TSMC, Romania, such as the global chip foundry factory will face great pressure.