Input method Bug warning: China’s iPhone 4 s user, please upgrade the iOS 7 carefully

the iPhone 4 s update iOS 7 after caton.

but the bigger problem is not the card, but the beta version of the input method Bug still fails to be fixed in the official version.

is as follows:


will from time to time the Chinese input method unexplained malfunction, characterized by except the handwriting input method, simplified pinyin, traditional, simplified pinyin etc is not out of the candidate words, is unable to type in Chinese; Voice input at the same time the button will fail, but Siri can work. Must be turned off to restart will be good.

that is to say, may be the following situation: you are happy to send the message, suddenly found that cannot type in Chinese… Only restart to solve it.


sample screenshots are as follows:

according to the feedback message to see, is only part of the iPhone 4 s users encountering the Bug . Anyway, iOS 7 so card, the iPhone 4 s users consider stay in iOS 6 .

Update: : switch to the Japanese input method to type a few words and then switch back to have a chance to solve.. Although not 100%, but it is easier than to restart.

not only the iphone 4 s, I also encountered such a problem of the morning, it should be iOS7 a common problem.