Indian students invention with the function of an electric shock the rape underwear

in new Delhi last year known as black bus happened earlier and a series of crimes against women, at the time also has become the world headlines. Engineering students in India recently invented a rape underwear, they say it will effectively prevent the occurrence of abuse.

according to The Times of India reported, this underwear become social governance devices, referred to as “ SHE , this equipment can release as much as to 3800 kv voltage. According to chennai SRM university Niladri Basu, Manisha Mohan and Rimpi Tripathy is introduced, in order to prevent the wearer from accidental electric shock, her inner side is the aggregation of the insulation material.

the device is also equipped with a , can in time to the victim’s parents and police alert information. Hence and Mohan said: “after lawmakers just happened in the case of some laws and regulations, but women still is not safe, so we started with the idea of self-defense, it can protect women in family, society and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.”

they added that in future they plan to add a bluetooth device, for its so dangerous information can be sent out in time.