In the vertical electricity a moan, focus electric business YOHO! Proudly announced a profit

in the vertical electric business profit situation facing, a trend of the electricity business YOHO! Announced a profit in stock.

YOHO! Available belonging to YOHO! A subsidiary. YOHO! Founded in 2005, the headquarters is located in nanjing. In 2008, began to do community service, and expand the electronic commerce platform YOHO! The purchase is made.

YOHO! Available do not want to be labeled as vertical electrical contractor, but about the concept of “focus electric business”. YOHO! Available vice President NiuCong like smiling is introduced: the vertical electrical business is a dig in the field of a certain category, such as textile, shoes, clothing, cosmetics, users will have overlap between each other; And focus electrical business is a group of business people, YOHO! Article 4 + 1 business line is around a group of hipsters.

these four lines of business is to point to “YOHO! Tide” and YOHO! The girl tzu chi magazine media, YOHO! Community, YOHO! In e-commerce sites, and YOHO! The independent brand. In addition, there is a year for the hipster offline yukio okamoto, ‘HOOD.

in a foreign country, the similar trend electric company has Japan fashion apparel electric business ZOZOTOWN, British tide electric ASOS. According to media reports, ZOZOTOWN annual sales of about 500-500 yen (about 30-3.8 billion yuan). ASOS sales of about 538 million pounds, 2012 years ago, and its sales in 2015 is expected to reach 1 billion pounds (about 9.454 billion yuan).

ZOZOTOWN and ASOS has shown interest in the Chinese market. ASOS previously announced in October this year will promote the Chinese web sites, into the Chinese market in an all-round way. ZOZOTOWN closed day cat shop in January, but officials say it doesn’t mean ZOZOTOWN exit in the Chinese market. , according to people familiar with the achievable with YOHO! Available to discuss cooperation, but the two sides did not wind up.

current electricity has been verified in foreign countries. In the Chinese market, YOHO! A group of business hipsters in stock how do?

a hipster group of business

YOHO! Available such interpretation of fashion and trends of different: fashion is a period of time is validated, settle classic; Tide is a popular trend in the short period of time.

YOHO! Available at one end gathered a group of people, on the other side gathered a batch of designer brands.

this group of people have a higher user viscosity. NiuCong smile, YOHO! Available quarter to lead up to 44%. In its sales, 67% comes from repeat purchase.

“this group of people is not small, very fast because of industrial upgrading, especially after 90, 90 after the new generation is growing so rapidly, people keep more tide.” NiuCong smile revealed that YOHO in 2012 for the first time! Accounted for in the number of new customers shopping, from 2008 to 2012, 80% of all customers.

YOHO! Available to buy hand-made, meets the needs of the audience selected by buyer sheet is tasted. Choose on the basis of which conform to the wave of the future. That’s and wei pattern will be different. Vipshop do is clean up the inventory, YOHO! Stock is a sales frontier.

, for example, YOHO! Available and Nike signed the official authorization, but only sell Nike series of extreme sports and NSW two production lines, rather than sell Nike all goods.

at present, YOHO! There are more than 200 brands in stock supplier. Brand can be divided into four categories, one is the international brands, such as the aforementioned Nike product line, the second is star popular logo, such as Edison CLOT. Cooperation mode including spot sales, pre-sales.

the third is the original designer, accounted for 80%. Original designer brands, the most is the exclusive cooperation, including all the brand products in YOHO!!! Exclusive sales and stock part item sold two modes.

four YOHO is! The independent brand. Smile NiuCong stressed that this kind of brand is just addition to the market demand, rather than compete with other brands.

90 days sold 80% principle

in inventory management, YOHO! Available for “90 days sold 80%” principle, as a rigid target. Is a commodity to sell in a quarter by 80%, the remaining 20% next quarter big promote dumped goods. Summer, for example, 80% of commodities to be sold out, the rest of the tail off in the autumn.

NiuCong smile that has inventory, because prices are low enough. “If a pair of shoes for a dollar you sure to buy, so left so much inventory sold out, because your prices are low enough. As a sales trend in the new site, inventory can’t be in YOHO 360 days ago! In stock.

so, how to do 90 days could sell 80%?

“it depends on our buyer choose the product level.” NiuCong smile said, “buy a hand to look at the data and understand the trend, also want to know the brand, and brand design department. What’s next year, what is the direction of the design, what is popular element, they are all know in advance, otherwise, how do you buy?”

, for example, if the customers only 10 people, why are you into 100 pieces? Sell 10 of them into 12 pieces can be, and the remaining 2 pieces of goods ten percent discount. National wind is popular this year, for example, buy hand picking goods don’t deserve trend will cause inventory backlog. And once the order is less, and will not sell. “Working with Chen of CLOT order less. We are prepared to sell goods, a quarter actually sold all out of stock in a week. Is critical for the cultivation of the buyer.” NiuCong smile said.

in YOHO!!! In stock buyers related employees have more than 50 people, accounting for one-third of the whole company.

focus electricity

in the domestic, tiexue, leyou is a typical focus electric business model. Maternal and child chain leyou oriented: child, tiexue geared to the needs of the fan.

similar focus model and the wedding fair, married to a group of people, from the picture taken, booking hotel, wedding to rent a car, to provide one-stop service.

NiuCong smile that vertical electrical business between users is the same, whether it is selling cosmetics, shoes, clothing, 3 c, the crowd and no obvious distinction. When the platform type electric business in vertical, or vertical electric business to other category expansion, lead to the same group of people who sell the same goods, the result is a price war.

but focus electric, the difference is that for a group of segmentation of users, and expand their business around this group of people. NiuCong smile called strategic level.

, for example, both “YOHO! Tide” and “YOHO! Girls”, YOHO. CN community, YOHO! In e-commerce sites, the independent brand, offline activities, people are facing trend. Users in YOHO. CN community share the sun, through community guide function to the YOHO! In electric business platform for shopping. With beautiful said buy electricity such as socialization, YOHO. CN guide plate does not depend on taobao, but has its own trend electric business platform.

NiuCong smile revealed that YOHO! Stock turnover is about 300 million yuan last year, this year’s target of 500 million yuan, has achieved a profit last year.

source: tencent technology ke-xin wang