In the second quarter 2013 apple, Google, Microsoft’s revenue status contrast

(translation: million begging)

as apple in profit figures, released yesterday, with Microsoft and Google had data released last week, we have the world’s three tech giants results, can say 2013 in the second quarter of the data has been.


the three companies have lower than expected in some respects, but on the whole, or a lucrative. Google’s earnings growth is huge, but despite its revenue and profit every year pegged about 15.5% , the growth of Wall Street still feel is not optimistic, because their revenues and profits or slightly lower than the expected.


Microsoft is also slightly, although they are not willing to see this. In the second quarter of last year, the aQuantive acquisition failure makes its book value less 61, 9 $ lead to losses, this year in the Windows the revenue side, although Microsoft continues to advance doing and Windows RT project, but due to the Surface tablet 9 $losses, investors are increasingly worried about.

the last is the apple, apple is also worrying, compared with last year, roughly equal income, and significantly reduce profits. Company has far lower revenue forecast of each device, greatly impact the bottom line of acceptable.


For these companies,

2013 first may be difficult in the second quarter of a quarter, but objectively speaking, the three companies are not really in the painful struggle. In terms of their profit margins and base, their income is high, profits or to other companies.