In the mobile APP cloud development platform, mobile wake up?

hunting cloud network reported on April 3,

, China mobile joint its partners launched APP cloud development platform – MM cloud development platform is launched.

APP cloud development platform as an APP created platform quickly, after a lot of Internet companies involved in this field, with its graphical user interface, quick and easy-to-use idea attracted many small and medium-sized enterprise users, the network stars and original content’s got talent. For many trying to enter the field of mobile Internet enterprises and individuals, has solved the funds and technical threshold and obstacles.

this time, China mobile for the first time as a telecom operators to participate in the downstream of telecom value-added services, trying to break the home consumers for its solid , business monopoly supremacy. MM cloud development platform provides the deepening and varied industry solution templates, at the same time, in the subsequent business model with the consideration on the channels to promote carefully message delivery, billing released, application mall and so on.

3 g era of mobile Internet, mobile has been in a poor apology for an embarrassment, subject to the td-scdma technology of independent intellectual property rights, ate YaBaKui, unicom, telecom and closed before after tencent WeChat menacing, big brother grim.

the industry analysis, move the 4 g communication business with the mobile Internet, expectation because of its strong user base, make an impact in the era of mobile Internet.