In the future stores, even the shelves in seduce you to buy something

most snack sales mainly due to people’s impulsive purchase. And new, hit the sensors on the shelf will take full advantage of the impulse of people shopping.

cadbury chocolate, oreo cookies, Trident gum and other snacks manufacturers are currently developing “smart store shelves”, through induction technology to product “personal”, and attract more customers in the choose and buy products pleasure, cause customer facing to impulse purchases of such products, and improve sales.

the development of “smart store shelves”, company was formerly known as kraft foods than zi international, its products include Mikado (odd) finger biscuits, Toblerone chocolate chocolate (triangle) and so on. And “smart store shelves” project development products will be placed on clearing counter.

according to the Wall Street journal reporter Clint Boulton is introduced, the technical principle of the “smart shelves” mainly based on the induction of Microsoft, a peripheral device, through the induction of device to identify potential snacks the age and gender of the buyer, and analysis the factors for impulse buying can influence consumers, and take advantage of – related video ads, arouse the purchase desire of consumers.

this kind of “smart shelves” is a kind of special demand for potential customers within the response. In the settlement, a large part of the customer is often taken into account the economic budget fought back impulse purchases. If intelligent sensing technology would be able to make products cause the resonance of the customers, to inspire the original purchase desire, so customers will be more likely to be already mouthwatering snacks say Yes to oneself, to his own heart to buy more snacks.

on the other hand, sensor for retail is not fresh products. If they follow the Indiana Jones in raiders of the lost ark performance, smuggled a small bottle of gin in business suites, a small stage will find suite is already recorded the bait-and-switch behavior.

when sensing technology no longer hide in the corner silently sweat, but actively play a special skill, the merchants of new means of profit. Nowadays people often say that IoT (Internet of things) is also same. Internet and data transmission will be inanimate originally also unrelated items connect, and share information in real time.

for million zi international “smart shelves” is mainly used for the characteristics of potential customers – the positioning of the young men are mainly recommended Chips Ahoy (boring) a lot of potato Chips, if not then recommend some Wheat Thins (Wheat bread). Make positioning according to the characteristics of the the potential consumers, play video ads.

, for example, if the customer is carrying a small bag of potato chips, “smart shelves” will be induced to the behavior of your customers, and broadcast the discount of the product information, to help customers resolve to buy this package is favorable and delicious food.

in the background data and information collected by the consumers worldwide will further help million zi international on a microscopic level track consumer buying habits, and location of the goods, the promotion way and other strategies are more accurate and effective planning.

this technology is expected to officially use in 2015.