In the face of the mobile Internet wave, north Korea also sit not to live

for the outside world, north Korea has always been a mysterious place. In the communication technology and the rapid development of Internet, the closed and isolated from north Korea, is amazing. However, in the face of the mobile Internet wave, even close such as north Korea, there are some action.

below, for each reader, hunting cloud network inventory recent several events in the field of mobile communications and Internet:

1. Schmidt’s visit, Kim jong UN, deeply “infected”

in January, Google CEO Eric schmidt’s visit. As a leader of the world’s biggest Internet company. He pointed out that it is not only a technological stagnation, in the long term will make north Korea lags behind the development of other countries.

after a month, there are media revealed that north Korea has begun to offer 3 g services at home, just open object is only at foreigners.

recent ap Asia chief photographer David Guttenfelder (@) visit to the DPRK, take pictures and upload a lot of inside north Korea, video to them.

2. The north Korean launch tablet

not long ago, a company called website published on a “made in Korea” tablets – Samijyon assessment. This tablet is a claim to be called “Michael” traveling in north Korea spent $200 to buy. Although it has no Wifi connectivity (Korean households do not have permission to access to the Internet), but can be connected to north Korea’s domestic mobile network. Although the function of the device can’t compliment, but it was enough to show the north Korean government’s attitudes towards the Internet. (see)

3. North Korea’s first Android phones — arirang

yesterday, north Korea (site) science and technology, north Korea’s leader, Kim jong UN, visited Pyongyang, a mobile phone manufacturer and see its production of north Korea’s first Android phones — arirang. It is understood that the phone is highly by the Chinese enterprise in the foundry production, however, and will be in after the formal land the Korean market.

he ask “arirang touch phone screen said after the performance, only part of the sensitive, convenient to users. Mobile phones equipped with camera pixels high, for the masses to use better. In recently began to the factory production of “arirang” mobile phone after strong demand, Kim jong UN, said: “people are fond of, I also very happy.”