In the eyes of a perfect world CEO xiao wu is such a new trend in the next generation Internet entertainment

on July 25, hunting cloud network news, a perfect world CEO Xiao Hong said on ChinaJoy, perfect world institute are developing the next generation Internet technology, entertainment and published the perfect world PWIN global investment plans. Among them, the mobile games will be a key investment areas in the future.

when it comes to the characteristics of next generation Internet entertainment, Xiao Hong thinks, stereoscopic fusion, multi-dimensional present, technology innovation, the global creative will be the future trend of the development of the Internet entertainment.

xiao wu said that the concept of vertical integration is to study the entire entertainment industry, in the whole industry chain, in the game as a middle link, from literature to games, music, and film and television works, integration is the trend of development. It is worth mentioning that perfect world works “thrive ol” research and development, and recently hit a new version of “smile the ao river’s lake” TV series in the marketing and content has made some attempt.

xiao wu, next will continue to perfect integration of network game, mobile phone terminal, leisure, entertainment and literature resources, and to try to bring more consumers, more for entertainment experience.

the second is multidimensional. Mobile terminal, Google glasses for technological innovation on behalf of the rise of a new generation of Internet equipment, to the Internet has brought a revolutionary entertainment opportunities, as well as the infinite daydream space. Xiao wu said, perfect world is trying to enter the field is more bigger than the so-called multiterminal, perfect studied all terminals, including from the computer, TV, mobile phone, tablet, or even possible terminal, perfect also in preparation for such multi-dimensional content of products. The next generation of products, the next generation of technology and the Internet as the core of such a product, it must be can do multidimensional rendering.

the third is the technological innovation. In the past few years, perfect also spent big on technical level, and take the lead in developing 3 d engine, and based on the derived a lot of games. Xiao wu said that as a technology-driven game company, perfect technology research institute, sustained investment in the field of technology, strive to develop products after 5 years bring technological revolution, can bring everyone after a generation of technological revolution. Will continue to perfect investment, continue to do it.

when it comes to global creative trend, xiao wu said, investment globalization has become inevitable. Perfect world will work to gather ideas around the world, forming the future new creative product technology base. In addition, xiao wu also announced plans to launch “PWIN” global investment, that is also the perfect global creative core.

xiao wu said, “as an integrated digital entertainment company, we will mainly investment game, more important is to invest with the core to the terminals of mobile phone products and technologies. Do investment around the world. We hope to see a passionate, creative, independent team. Perfect world is committed to provide the best entertainment experience for users around the world.”