In September the second play: domestic smartphone origin of mobile phones

9 month is the season of handset makers release are enjoying, meizu yesterday released at the water cube MX 3 is the first shot fired domestic cell phone boom in September, that today north Texas company is the second, although the latter than the former popularity is so high, but also the origin of cell phones has its own distinct characteristics.

the most design feeling of the domestic mobile phone

not exaggerate, not help manufacturers brag. Origin of mobile phone design, the biggest selling point is one of the most painstaking effort also poured in the design.

one, the world’s most narrow mobile frame

the border around the origin of mobile phones is 1.6 mm .

the meizu last night in the water cube said MX 3 2.9 mm , and announced that this is the mobile phone in the world the most narrow border. Less than a day record will be refreshed.

, stunning appearance

screen smartphone today, more long more of the same, want to mobile phone appearance characteristic, was very difficult. The origin of mobile phone line to ensure the style of whole hale and hearty, the red color combination of unconventional. The machine do manual work is delicate, the whole frame adopted from apple suppliers DynaCast super anodic alumina, the guarantee, on the basis of enough strength and wear resistance, to provide users with more outstanding frame process and feel. Exquisite anodic alumina, excellent C Angle of diamond cutting process, the inferior smooth hand in photograph reflect with drill cutting bevel edge, the whole machine quality is superior. The weight, look and feel are first-class, even brands more than foreign companies.

, fancy trackpad

we may be accustomed to Android phone three touch key (used to be four) : home, back, menu (or task), very few phone makers before thinking of innovation in this respect, and the origin is unique to touch three keys and breathing lamp did it together, look at the picture:

the bottom of the strip, is under the 5 breathing lamp, a message will make different light, very beautiful. From left to right at the same time, they still three touch keys, respectively is the menu, Home key and the return key.

at the same time, the lock screen, slide from left to right or from right to left sliding can quickly open the phone the installed applications. You can set what to open the application in the system Settings.

, the system optimization of

the origin phone system based on Android 2 in the native Android basis, only small changes in the name the name is Change the UI . Such as the picture of the flat (inevitable reminiscent of beautiful Miui ).

fun place lies in the fact that most of the Android interface, it’s all about the slide switch multiple screens, and origin of the mobile phone besides around more screen, also allows more screen, the application drawer is on top of the screen to see the small icon? Clicked on the button, you can show all the application list.

configuration details

CPU : MTK MT6589 quad-core chips, dominant frequency 1.5 Ghz ARM A7

5 1080 screen : 1080 x 1920 IPS screen, the official said the screen from the LG Display and the JDI

a front-facing camera 500 all pixels, the rear camera 1300 mega pixels

2 g

shipped to save

32 g

the built-in storage, do not support the SD card

web formats: GSM + WCDMA

battery: 2000 ma

WIFI , bluetooth mobile phone, and so all general configuration will differ a list.

origin phone worry

the origin the advantages of mobile phones on the design is striking, however it’s concern is also obvious.


With mediatek

MT 6589 chip to run 5 1080 screen, is a very aggressive behavior. Although 6589 is a decent chip, but by its ability to calculate how to support high-definition screens, the direct consequences is caton. Hunting cloud small make up in the second version of the engineering machine live demo caton phenomena were found.

hunting cloud network to the authorities put forward this problem, north Texas company CEO said to choose MT6589 because the chip has a good effect of node, to seek the balance between the configuration and the life. As for the current engineering machine a little card, because the system is still in the optimization, machine is listed into consumers’ hands, certain that there was no little caton.

, risk pricing strategy