In order to make us stay for a long time, Youtube, push “background audio playback function”

although Youtube is the world’s largest video sharing sites, but it still face a problem that many competitors are facing , how to increase user stickiness, increase user for viewing time. In order to solve this problem, the Youtube upcoming streaming media background audio playback function ( background audio streaming, the function of music is similar to the shrimp). That is to say, you can listen to the Youtube music, the side to clean the room, even when your phone lock frequency.

it is understood that the Android Police by dismantling the application APK , and discovered the Youtube this new function. Users to check the Settings in the options (see below), streaming media background audio playback.

if the reports are correct, then the new function for Youtube will undoubtedly bring new, huge traffic. In addition, this kind of “broadcasting” streaming media services, perhaps can bring similar to radio yields (subscriptions, advertising).

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