In addition to the group buying deals also in the play


bargain sales last year exceeded the 207 billion, is the nation’s largest group-buying platform. Now, however, only by group-buying platform to define bargain is not complete.

in just half a year in the past, the bargain, “play” out of the small wholesale mode in succession of volume group, the high-end luxury brand channel and customization, gathering an outfit and other new business. So, bargain, the future will become perhaps the most luxury goods sale platform, the biggest commodity custom and consumer goods wholesale platform.

selling quantity group batch mode popular

this just a few short years, the domestic market after the “spring”, “winter” of several baptism. No matter how the environment changes, bargain, has maintained rapid growth. In the bargain, Gavin zhang group, taobao life group President, consumer’s consumption concept has become more and more mature, no longer blindly pursue cheap, they seek in price on the basis of paying more attention to service and quality.

it is based on the transition of the consumer market, in the first half of this year, bargain, made a number of new business “play”. “Consumer demand is changing, the merchant’s demand is changing, if you use a single business model to management must be wrong.” Zhang Jianfeng said, “bargain will use different models to deepen the ecological industries, for the most suitable for consumer shopping scene.”

original unit price is lower, such as toilet paper, shampoo of FMCG, should use what kind of way is presented to the consumer? According to the 1 quarterly data research, major retail FMCG growth is slowing, reflecting the retail enterprise high commodity prices, consumers have to low-cost Internet channel. For the consumer trends, attempt to bargain for small wholesale, launch volume group. Unlike ordinary group-buying, volume of goods is not to sell, with “a” and use “box” to buy units, such as 12 a bottle of a case of shampoo, 40 just a case of masks, 24 package boxes of sanitary napkins, etc. When purchasing a unit upgrade at the same time, the price of these goods is almost down to the wholesale price. Facts have proven that way commodity group of big popular with consumers: 1 thousands of sets of pantene shampoo along while just sold out; Sanitary napkins in two days sold nearly 4 all cases; 3 all cases of vader paper extraction over ten hours has been finished.

in addition to selling volume group, poly custom pattern is gradually mature and show advantage. This year 6 month, bargain, do a by core, quilt cover, bed nets, such as bedding, customized, consumers can not only to be the core of fabrics, packing, weight, design style of bedding bag, bed nets material properties such as voting, you can also choose brands. According to the result of tens of thousands of people in the final vote, have chosen the most popular brands of goods and received the highest, then consumers to buy, brands customized production according to orders. It is understood that the custom group set a sales record is 5.7 all items.

at present, poly custom already full involvement in home textile, home appliances, furniture, and other industries. Microtek household custom centralized purchasing, clinch a deal item 636 ten thousand yuan, the boss smoke oven custom centralized purchasing, clinch a deal item 836 ten thousand yuan, clinch a deal sun customization for noodle machine, sheet is tasted 595 ten thousand yuan.

“polymerization the vast majority of consumer demand, with the C2B way to customize a product to the businessman, this model not only can meet the personalized requirements, also in the maximum extent reduced the businessman inventory risk and management cost, bring a win-win for both buyers and sellers.” Zhang Jianfeng is introduced.

it is worth mentioning that bargain, also in this year 5 month officially opens up an independent channel to focus on developing domestic outfit. According to domestic outfit class consumption decision time is long, the guest unit price high characteristic, extend the goods preheating cycle, meet the demand of domestic outfit industry buyer. Get home outfit this year also in try some localization services, home city hall has begun trials in hangzhou.

Largest luxury platform

Zhang Jianfeng said that in the group’s localization, bargain, is a sales and marketing platform scale, this is the goods of the highest conversion rate , at present there are ten million person-time land deals for consumers, every day is equivalent to play every day in a small double 11 . “The advantage of bargain, the most core the commodity price, service, achieve the optimal ratio of , review in the first half of the data, we found that the deals on the best seller are new products or product as well as the most valuable commodity in the quarter.” Gavin zhang said. “This year was getting to the most authentic origin of goods, the most fashionable fashion products and brands, even is the world’s top luxury.”

6 at the end of Zhang Jianfeng industry always lead the team to go to Taiwan and Taiwan jointly organized the “Taiwan”, the Taiwan local and a well-known brand of the dealer 35 famous food snacks recommended to consumers, including pineapple cakes, nougat, sun cakes, hemp 糬, guava, aiwen mangoes, Taiwan beer of hearts, asher cracker dough, etc. Zhang Jianfeng this trip to Taiwan, conveys a message : to go out, the introduction to the most authentic origin of goods. “It may be hard, but only the solid to do every event, to establish a trusted consumer shopping platform.” Zhang Jianfeng said. Next, getting into xinjiang, to yunnan, xinjiang grape, yunnan flowers for consumers goods such as local characteristics.

about deals for fashion positioning, Zhang Jianfeng also very confident. Gather famous brand of global luxury channel launched a few months, sales continue to grow. In the just-concluded “swept through the global” activities, 20 only 17800 omega watch in a short span of 6 finish minutes robbed, 4 the chanel bag of multivariate nearly 1 ten thousand Louis vuitton handbags are by consumers, the activity 7 days accumulated turnover reached 2593 .

he said that the digital certificate, the definition of group purchase consumers is not only a cheap commodity, their demand for high guest unit price of luxury goods is also very strong. Goal is to get famous brand, together with very competitive price more a line of luxury brands around the world, to build the country’s largest luxury platform.

getting four strategic business


together for C2B business, core direction is to implement manufacturing-according-to-sale, help businesses to reduce operating costs, to provide consumers with best cost-effective high-quality goods. Through data analysis, questionnaire, collecting various interactive aggregate consumer demand, to promote merchants on-demand production, the individuality demand scale, provide tailor-made high quality goods and services for consumers.