In 2013, why should focus on haier’s strategy of “network”

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last visit haier, anticipate a new change is to come back to write an article “haier: sticky ecological revolution?” , to press the title was changed to “Internet subversion haier”. Now think of, or the original title is more close to the original meaning, the haier is becoming a network platform for the sticky ecology, which can be used “one-to-many” to provide users with personalized products and services, this is not a manufacturing company, but a relevant manufacturing integrated services platform.

at the beginning of this year, zhang ruimin clearly put forward the strategic stages of haier is entering the fifth – “network strategy”, the four stages respectively, brand strategy, diversification strategy, internationalization strategy and globalization brand strategy.

why haier to use a new seven years in the Internet circles seems little new vocabulary? Maybe, this is what the Internet, the network really subverts the traditional enterprise really started, a lot of times IT and the Internet industry is good at manufacturing concept, from concept, but be sure to experience a boom, bubble burst, calm, the development of universal curve. Zhang ruimin himself in the reflection, 13 years ago he had written, “I saw the new economy”, to talk about the new economy or network economy, said he now regret didn’t fully understand. After 13 years of brewing, Mr Zhang found, also began to try to haier into a new stage.

so, the enterprise in the network era are facing how to internal and external challenges?

is a networked markets. Here go into the user’s network, information consumer sovereignty, sovereignty has long tune, enterprise power has been end of consumer dynasty times, which is why haier always mention “speed to catch up with the user click of the mouse”.

worth is marketing network. In order not to distort meaning, excerpt is as follows: the original marketing is fragmented, actually become a network now, why? Rifkin said in the third industrial revolution, the third industrial revolution is personalized production revolution, the future of enterprise organization form is distributed and collaborative. I think now is distributed collaborative marketing system. All the stores are distributed, thousands of online stores, form a network store, extremely scattered, highly cooperative, such as pay, distribution network of cooperation. This is the real distributed collaborative, become a network marketing system, this and the traditional large shopping mall. The age of the Internet is fine manufacturing, precision marketing. Online price is very cheap, may be 50% or 70% of the physical stores, but delivery and can be an accurate and fast delivery, this is completely subverts the traditional model.

2 is a networked enterprise. Haier believes the networked enterprise, should have a networked organization resources, network resources and network users. In network organization, for example, from the original haier “equilateral triangle” into “nabla”, is now from “nabla” flat for the node closed-loop network organization.

excerpt: “the original level of independent body, ‘nabla secondary completely independent of the body for the same target fusion together, along with partners, subcontractors, constitute a network organization, a community of interests. The father of Philip with marketing strategy? Kotler’s words, that is, the advocacy of the organism. At the same time, there is also a platform type of team, according to the single accumulation and dispersion. With the single we can get together, the list is complete; When the single variable, these people also can organize, can dissolve organization new again.”

in the end, haier’s strategy of “network” should be the external resources accumulation and dispersion and internal organizational change, a new strategy and new haier enterprise forms will be “the enterprise without boundary, management without leadership, supply chain scale”.

in the supply chain scale-free, for example, it is the author of the “long tail” Anderson in his new book “and guest” puts forward the concept of supply chain scale-free made can meet the needs of the mass and niche. “The networked enterprise, on the one hand, reflected in the enterprise structure, on the one hand, reflected in the enterprise internal organization, finally embodied in dealing with the user’s supply chain. Treat the user’s supply chain, the traditional era is a large-scale manufacture, the age of the Internet is mass customization. Now explore the haier’s on-demand design, on-demand manufacturing, on-demand distribution system, this is the highest realm. We also can’t do now, also in mass customization, the second step of hard. But on-demand custom must consider, because the 3 d printing really developed, users can design, just put you away, this is the fifth strategic stage of development should be doing “.

to return to a small topic, diagnosis, and some change steps based on the above, haier electrical contractor will is one of the most worthy of study samples. To some extent, haier electrical business on a big ecological haier platform, including the need for supply chain, a valid user demand, haier logistics service touch system, day by day, modular flexible production and design of the package, can completely out of a traditional business transformation services, transition network new path.

this is not a pure electric business topic, but a network transformation of the topic. If the judgment is good, we will see more rational regression, which is no longer pure electricity to electricity, but electricity return to the entire enterprise group level, to respond to market changes, haier, su ning also is so, this is also why I insist that the two are the most notable companies in 2013.

if you have different opinions, welcome to reply, PLS.