Imitators push learn millet Gionee careful lei jun smoke

hunting cloud network on October 23,

recently, vice President of gionee Lu Weibing revealed to the media, gionee has formed an independent team a year ago, there are heavily poached whole tencent mobile operating system, Tita team is determined to completely clone millet pattern. And said we are not to play the soy sauce, is to concentrate on the sincerity to clone!

sounds great momentums, gongs, red flag waving, but gionee can really successful are enjoying this time? Hunting cloud network can only be said “close call”! For millet said a lot of euphemism, said that only half of the true, is really a mystery.

“core business model” creating

Michael says “triathlon” is the core of millet mode of operation: software, hardware, mobile Internet. Released in millet 2, millet that “triathlon” at the core of the model chat from rice, millet mobile phone, beautiful MIUI leapt into the software, hardware and services. The software m talking out of sight, replaced by m pomelo software system; And the concept of mobile Internet so much direct hang up, turned into a paid service.

this let a person feel millet market sensitivity is so sensitive, able to quickly adapt to the market trend, the company’s core business model changes quickly, “triathlon” at the core of the business model is changeable. Millet with market at first straitjacket of sex, let people completely convinced the millet novel mode of replication.

but millet just joined the meters in beautiful MIUI currency system, changes in the company operation without any unconventionality. This should be one of the biggest feature of millet smoke. Want to know what other companies like ali every time the change of operation mode, is accompanied by a big adjustment on organization structure, executive position adjustment. And lei jun millet in the mouth of the change of management mode, sound so big matter, was just launched currency system has the function of such a so simple?

however, millet did not explain that the management mode of “core” concrete is what kind of mode, and used a highly intriguing term “business model”. “Run” the meaning of both the company’s operating, and profit model.

let many people at first glance seem to millet is this operating mode. Segmentation is actually “triathlon” Michael say is profit model, is not within the company’s operating mode. High-quality millet with brand story do smoke bombs, really lost a lot of people’s eyes.

what millet are doing

issue from beautiful MIUI update content of stunt, the millet mobile phone very low prices, to the mobile phone upgrade, the price, the new version of the story, as well as many other words, the concept of stirring. We can see, basically a millet’s latest news every day.

look carefully we can clearly found that over the course of a year, different points of time millet has new product photos, the new system, mobile phone upgrade version, finance news, and so on omni-directional, not stick out. When a vacancy these news, negative news began to slow, finally the official response to explain, negative evaluation started slowly below the sympathetic voice, then follow photos, finance news connected to crop, millet pattern, the concept of continue to stir deep. This millet news three hundred and sixty-five days a year non-stop, a wave of a wave of unity to.

this is done by netizens spontaneously, media? So organized regular things, xiao yun said hehe.

make full use of social marketing platform, the media focus, no interval of the emergence of the latest news every day throughout the year. Spare no effort to attract the attention of the user, omni-directional meets user’s curiosity, every day you said, the users’ attention is not dropped. This is millet has been sparing no effort in doing!

this is the company want to imitate, to clone the things! But so far, there are few users can call an imitator products and brands. On news and social platform of display and discuss the weight of almost no.

Michael “triathlon” is just the profit pattern of millet, is not the core of the company business model. Really at the core, other companies need to learn, is made of millet has been desperately, that’s all for the marketing.

in the case of millet choose to tell the truth, all forget, millet is doing what buckle down, what is the most important? May be a lot of companies are still just dreaming about future in the mouth water, since the defeat at their company profound cultural foundation.

samsung’s success is more of a marketing success of billions of dollars. Millet is similar to the samsung success, do not have too much edge products, using advanced fine way of network marketing will play out products, this is the essence of millet. Millet subversion is low investment, high output of social marketing.

we see imitators are still stay on the shopping cost performance, differentiation positioning. Objective analysis, on the position of the traditional hardware vendor, how would it be possible to push out a beyond the millet mobile phone products? Only products come out, how to let consumers to believe that you are good, none of them has been done. Very much looking forward to have a company with millet head-on, make a complete product story, learn the millet most subversive marketing model. Comprehensive and millet compete, compete, solve the problem of supply, bring tangible benefits to consumers, to provide more choices.