If the online world does not have a search engine

search engine in the Internet plays an indispensable role in the process of using the Internet, it was known as one of the entrance of the Internet. Search engines to get people to eat, drink, live, line, work, life and so on can be more convenient, quick, after use the Internet domain name, it is destined to the search engines will seize in the wave of the Internet. Is search engine lets users become more languid is lazy, the greater dependence on search engine users, the easier it is restricted by search engines. So, if one day didn’t search engine?

search engine outage

search engine will suddenly had an accident? It turns out to be can do!

2013 , on and , 6 50 to 6 55 points between , Google suffered outages, including Google website home page, the YouTube , Google Drive and Gmail and other services are all affected, and cannot be accessed. In this short 5 within minutes, the global slump in network traffic 40% , the loss of some 54.5 $ .

2010 , 10 on 15 , , yahoo! Yahoo.com in Pacific time (Beijing time Friday 5:15 ) lasts about 45 minutes. Home page or search page appear problem, q&a, mailboxes, game and help pages are displayed normally.

2010 , on 12 , 7 20 points into the 18 PM, baidu a Chinese Internet company the longest and most affected hacker attacks . Baidu’s home page suddenly appeared unable to access failure, domain name can’t normal analytical , causing losses to the 700 all the above. Baidu