If one day, the Internet disappeared…

email, search, online shopping, login Facebook , see online video, Skype … Every day I want to use the Internet more or less. Step by step, I into the arms of the network. Suddenly there is a question emerges mind:

“if one day, the Internet suddenly disappeared?”

the Internet will disappear? The Internet is built to center, multi-node mode, without a unified “open and close” button. Internet is a creation of the department of defense, it is likely to withstand a standard design of world war ii.

of course, I also know, the Internet also has its weak place. Everyone can readily turn off your web site, information may also disappear in the network, some Domain may be closed. Links to the Internet submarine cable is very fragile, easy to attack. Close to the Internet, however, possible?

In “

the An Optimist ‘s Tour of the Future Mark Stevenson interview participants to computer scientists, the early Internet Cerf and about the possibility of closing “Internet”.

he replied:

if global the ISP one day suddenly decided to shut down together routing, the Internet is almost finished… So the answer to the question is: the possibility in theory, but need to all the world the ISP happen to coincide, it is almost impossible.

the global Internet service providers ( the ISP ) as many as tens of thousands of homes. It’s hard to imagine that they can act in concert. But if someone is the world’s main the ISP as the target to attack the Internet?

he :


of course. The world every day for the the ISP happen such attacks. Malicious person or organization has the ability to paralyzed part of the network, but it is hard to imagine a global Internet paralysis. he said that since the 1983 in the birth of the Internet rely on, it has never been closed.

however, if he is wrong? Scientists David Eagleman Internet paralysis four possible. Which is the first large-scale solar flares, interfere with the global satellite communications and wireless communications. In this period of advertising video below, French director Francois Ferracci with a love story describes the possibility that

2020 , 10 on 10 day, Paris. A pair of young couples in love. He told her so crazy, want to stay together every moment. Her technology crazy for him slightly, but he addicted to it, all of a sudden, the Internet disappeared.

she used her holding the old equipment, gave him a photo. That is the only reliable recall.

if one day, the Internet really disappeared. Disappear, is our Memories .