IDC: tablet on the market, Android is now ahead of apple’s iOS system

according to IDC data recently released tablet shipments quarterly report, you can see the performance of the tablets in the first quarter of 2013. Data show that tablet shipments doubled, up 142% from a year earlier.

a few weeks ago IDC report released today the PC industry outlook is grim, shipments fell 14% year on year. Contrast the two reports as you can see, it is people choose tablet as a substitute for led to such situation.

IDC report also shows that in the last quarter, with Google Android tablet shipments more than carry apple iOS device. An IDC spokesman pointed out that as early as in the third quarter of 2012, Android has rocked the iOS status in the field of tablet.

the trend and very similar to what we see in the field of smart phones. As a trader, apple is still far ahead, but based on the Android open source system, more and more manufacturers choose Android as tablet carrying system. Although amazon on the depth of the Kindle Fire on custom and removed the Google App Store, and other services, IDC will Kindle Fire as Android tablet type.

according to IDC data, apple tablet sales the last quarter in the first place, occupied 40% market share. This encouraging result mainly due to apple’s new cabinet with a lower price of the Mini. Samsung into second place with 18% market share, followed by asus with amazon ranked third, fourth.

worth pointing out that Microsoft Surface tablet series last quarter shipments of about 900000, including newly listed in February Surface Pro.

below is the IDC to provide specific data.

five tablet supplier shipments and market share

units: millions of

four tablet operating system unit shipments and market share

units: millions of