IDC slightly lower tablet shipments forecast, demand growth in the emerging markets will pull the tablet

global market research firm IDC data, in the just released report, lowered expectations of global tablet shipments in the future.

IDC analysts Jitesh Ubrani pointed out: “in the next few years, annual growth rate of tablet devices will continue to slow, emerging markets such as China, will become the main pull tablet previous development motivation.”

professional personage points out, IDC lowered tablet shipments, there are two main reasons: first, the tablet market gradually saturated; Second, big screen phones and wearable devices, cause the extrusion to the tablet market.

the following the key data in IDC report:

, IDC predicts that in 2013, the global tablet shipments will reach 227.4 million, slightly less than expected in 229.3 million. Last year, however, is still up 57.7%;

, in 2017, the global tablet shipments will be close to 407 million, however, tablet global shipments of growth will continue to slow;

, IDC believes that by 2017, developed countries in the global tablet market share will, from the current 60.8%, reduced to 49%; At the same time, the proportion of emerging markets in the global tablet market, from 39.2% in 2012, rising to 51% in 2017.

however, IDC believes tablet market there is also a second wave of development. Vertical segmentation fields such as education, retail, will in the next few years, showed a strong tablet product demand. From 10% last year, this ratio will rise to 20% in 2017.