IBM and EMC bidding for cloud service provider SoftLayer intended to compete with amazon cloud services market

according to Reuters, more than one, but two giant IT – IBM and EMC company is considering buying SoftLayer co., LTD., a dallas-based cloud service providers. This in the field of cloud computing is quite interesting. According to Reuters, some unnamed sources show that SoftLayer the price or as much as 20 $. SoftLayer , and EMC company when asked about the matter have said no comment.


and EMC company to buy SoftLaye . It is very interesting. Reasons are as follows: first, Tivoli software, WebSphere ( software platform), and other technology in the past ten years, spending billions of dollars, and set up his own cloud computing architecture. Last week, has just launched its based on it cloud platform. If really a: doing my best to buy a similar SoftLayer the size of the cloud service provider, which means that the blue key time coming.

the global information is stored giant EMC has VMware (merryman, global desktop to data center virtualization solutions leader) eighty percent stake. Yesterday, VMware prove themselves are building infrastructure as a service public cloud system to compete with amazon’s cloud services. SoftLayer and AWS (business process development and management platform) are competing for many projects.

SoftLayer co., LTD. Is a rich innovation consciousness, product novel and chic big cloud service providers. SoftLayer company should provide the management service demand and private cloud and public cloud infrastructure. SoftLayer include Path , E-mail service providers SendGrid , SlideShare (a slide storage and display of professional websites, is also the world’s largest share slide community), provide the cloud database Cloudant , Citrix , ZipServers and AT& T etc. Multiple clients.

if IBM and EMC are considering acquisitions SoftLayer , this means that they see the purchase a position to consolidate and have real customers the importance of cloud services industry players, gave up to relying on outdated technology. Traditional technology companies think they have to better compete with amazon, and increasingly compete with Google and Microsoft. Google and Microsoft are services including the emerging enterprises, enterprise’s workload and daxing cloud infrastructure.

given its experience in cloud services, with customers, and their size, SoftLayer company should attract the earlier, larger companies. These companies want to get new cloud service technology. Similarly, in SAN Antonio, Texas too ( one of the world three big cloud computing center) will be takeover rumors the same in every month.