Hugo barak: switch to the Nexus of millet godfather

(editor: the wrong person)

today, the latest foreign technology media revealed that Google Android products vice President Hugo barak (Hugo Barra) outgoing switch to “union jack” ray of chancellorsville. Then millet held founder, LeiJunWei blog also confirmed the news, at the same time welcomed the barak’s arrival. Then barak at noon today in his personal Google + account problem with the new chapter for android, officially announced his outgoing and in a few weeks to global vice President joined millet team’s decision.

Hugo although barak within Google is not as good as the father of the android Rubin (Andy Rubin) ever so important, but its from world famous Google local startups to mainland, surprise to industry. This news has been domestic, most media reports focus on weibo is intense. Below we bala together to get to know this person.


Hugo had graduated from the Massachusetts institute of technology, master English, French, Portuguese, Spanish four languages. Before joining Google had fairly good experience. Around 2000, barak to join LOBBY7 company (after the buyout by Scansoft, renamed the Nuance Communications), began his career as a vice President of business development. 04 began in Nuance Communications (growth) for the world’s largest voice recognition software company in work for 5 years, the eve of departure has been director of product development, business management, product market three piece of business.

March 08, barak formal beginning at Google. First in London, England’s director of mobile products for 3 years. In October 2010 after the return to the San Francisco bay area officially join the Android team, from product management director do Android global vice President of product management. To be responsible for the products including mobile search, Google maps mobile, voice search, vertical search, mobile advertising, Android4.0 and Nexus series products. In the recent three years, barak is associated with the Nexus series from scratch, product upgrading the achievements of the first generation of leader.

these years had led the team developed the Nexus series products for Google in ecology and the establishment of the product and promotion undoubtedly armband. The Nexus handset makers appear to make a demonstration and benchmarking, and Nexus7 currently serves as the world’s best 7 inch tablet is undoubtedly very attractive products.

the lens flu is extremely strong, rich black Brazilian guy frequently appeared in various conferences and I/O developer conference, whether it is talk about product features, understanding the design of mobile products, as well as ideas on its future products (basic or pragmatic content focusing on next year), are in the android fans and android development people also make enough popularity. On FaceBook, and even personal fans barak account.

in the 2013 model, Nexues4 Nexus7 price cut announcement (bala stay Nexus fans last gift?) , the Nexus regardless of the comprehensive quality and performance “crush” other platform competition, barak hang back Andy Robin follow in the footsteps of choose to leave the Android team, how can let a person feel suddenly.

why leave Google

in joining Google’s fifth year, barak why put down the job at hand suddenly choose to leave?

at present such a rumor circulated on the Internet: after barak is with “goddess” — Google Glass company marketing manager Amanda Rosenberg intercourse. But before long the Google co-founder and married Sergey Brin supplanted in her love (Sergey Brin) (double NTR?) . May be caused by a sad that farewell letter (” a new chapter for android “) thanks to a lot of people, is the brin wasn’t mentioned in it. The company did not publish official Po to him. However, for this kind of “love triangle” has not been barak and brin’s response.

but gossip gossip, after all, life is not a soap opera. March Andy rubin exit Android withdrew from the adjustment of the Android team airborne chopping wood king has exposed some problems: the company’s strategy with the Android team strategy may be there is a deviation, eventually the opinions of the company in a landslide victory. And barak and the company will most likely still could not reconcile their differences, while the old friend who work in Google engineering research institute, millet founder held to the olive branch (held in personal weibo confirmed). Feel in Google play space is more and more narrow barak so chose to leave.

for the smartphone market, the real opportunity will come from low-cost machine. Today, millet on low price strategy in the domestic market to occupy the first mover advantage, formed the good brand recognition. Although still lags behind that of some local companies on market share with foreign brands such as samsung, but rapid market growth are also points to the company. Latest news shows, millet and completed a new round of financing, company has a billion-dollar valuations. Can say, millet growth is also a good opportunity for barak.

since joining millet, barak internally after eight, co-founder of outside power. After it was revealed, barak to join in millet and moved to Beijing, he will also be in millet office. The move and drive very admire.

become an outlaw to coach?

now just founded three years worth of millet and billion-dollar, announced last month that users reached 20 million, in the first half of the revenue of 13.2 billion yuan, and for the upcoming new product 5 next month (probably meters. 3). Barak to join us to tap into the global market is a very good opportunity. Since yesterday morning, the United States began to crazy search millet company information technology media. Millet through this recruit a blockbuster, popularity in ocean across the space.

although beautiful MIUI is one of the world’s best several Android Rom, also is the world’s most famous millet company products, but millet company’s own popularity is still limited. Overseas media failed to contact to the beautiful MIUI at the mention of millet today, only a handful of readers in the comments to point this out. More hype lei jun is in the conference on September 5th millet for next generation products ready to enter the global market. As you can imagine this is extremely scene-stealing Barra conference for the first time after the transfer is greeting the world science and technology media produced in Chinese advertising effect.

millet ecological product depends on the android ecosystem, no may start a new OS design against the smaller companies. And today many review articles analysis, on the other hand, held today on twitter for a clarification, claimed to have millet to maintain the Android ecosystem, recruiting into barak is not opposed to make the heart of the two princes, but only on going to borrow the Android platform will millet mobile phone products to promote to the world, including beautiful MIUI, millet, barak in personal farewell letter also mentioned his excited to have the opportunity to can continue to promote the Android products to the world.

this is from the side as the Nexus of a generation that barak head for Android there is a feeling, can’t join the Android hostile camps.

no matter future how, at least 5 millet conference next month, we can expect more content.