“Hug” and to realize snubbing foxconn, apple

the news that apple is planning for the next iPhone more “partners”. As apple’s “loyal partner” – foxconn, will no longer “monopoly” (of course not all) of apple all assembly operations.

on Wednesday, the Wall Street journal reported that the company has been looking for a name and to recognize Taiwan electronic manufacturers, to provide its upcoming product assembly services. , and is a subsidiary of the asus, providing hardware OEM service)

actually, this is not, and to realize with apple’s cooperation, for the first time. As early as 2011, foxconn’s this little competition, started playing for apple OEM some iPhone. Last year, and also to recognize and apple has signed an agreement, for the assembly of the Mini.

since 2007, foxconn has always been an apple in the world’s largest assembly plant. This time, apple wants to “reshuffling”, “hug” and, to recognize the reason, you see official estimates can guess.

the Wall Street journal will be apple’s this “transformation” is called a “risk management” for a rainy day. Before a, foxconn and apple is something of a “unpleasant”. Foxconn appeared the iphone 5 phones because, under the requirements of the company and was ordered to recall. In addition, the day before yesterday hunting cloud network reported, foxconn for apple market share decline, while “. All signs seem to herald “alliance” has been further apart. Apple to find new partners, therefore, is likely to be in order to guard against possible “great turmoil” in the future.

no, there is a comparison of analysis, selection and pegatron, apple is in order to further reduce the cost. Apple has been closely watching China, Latin America and other countries because of the huge business opportunities, but as “high-end” mobile phone iPhone, has been difficult to open the “common market” in these countries. It is said that, and in order to obtain apple’s “heart”, to recognize to bleed “cutting”, only a small profit. In this regard, apple “hug” and to realize, is also reasonable.

analysts pointed out that if can reach the cooperation agreement, then the company will make up and the company in 2013 to recognize more than half of total consumer electronics and communications business. In order to meet the new huge workload, and to realize the company claims will be in the second half of the year, recruitment, labor estimates increase workers will reach more than 40%.

however, and want to recognize “swallow” such a big piece “baby bumps”, is still a risk. Especially last year, it’s for apple production of the Mini is not up to standard, is foxconn to help clear up the mess later.

however, for the specific circumstances of the incident, we also don’t know. Because, apple has always been to it and foxconn, and cooperation and to recognize its iOS devices “mum”.