Huawei renounced U.S. market: “we have no interest in the U.S. market is.”

according to the financial times reported that the U.S. government launched after months of lobbying, the Chinese telecoms giant huawei was finally announced on Tuesday to give up the American market.

this message source is executive vice President of huawei xu straight army in annual summit, an analyst at a speech on Tuesday, he said “we are not interested in the American market has.”

but huawei CTO lee three march then said: “make no mistake about it, we really hope to enter the American market. But we have to face the reality, so need to focus on the development of other areas, the market is big enough, and growing very fast.”

and just last month, an American mobile operator Sprint and Japan’s softbank mobile operators also said that will limit the use of Chinese enterprises’ equipment.

huawei’s latest move is the latest increase the intensity of the development of the European market, and the total number of employees in Europe has doubled.