Huawei partners great fun: ten years on the sidelines of huawei

the author: JiYongQing

last night, LaoJi received the teasing a friend. The friend working in an outsourcing company, working with huawei for 10 years, talking about huawei internal story than LaoJi is cooked. The friend coldly saw 10 years of huawei, see it in a hurry, so wrote LaoJi article. We forwarded the for huawei friends reference.

(the following is not LaoJi wrote, copyright belong to the following huawei go 10 years friend!)

za by huawei to eat for about 10 years, we can think of can by huawei to peace and stability of this rice to eat, so I hope huawei strong, smooth development. But now look at huawei are faced with the problem and risk, I also feel there is the risk of the other is in danger.

there is a online jokes: a soap factory production lines abroad encounter a problem, how to detect every boxes fitted with soap? Foreigners, make a research team spent six months at a cost of millions of dollars to make a sorting system, finally solved the problem. China also has a soap factory have the same problem, the solution of the assembly line workers is with big fan blow to the conveyor belt, not loaded on soap box will be blown away, will cost less than 200 the yuan. (LaoJi LaoJi notation: this case was professor Ming zeng’s “dragon world” or other seen in the book, you can look for now is alibaba group’s chief of staff was professor after.)

I have no what a strategic height, the za is a primitive level compared with huawei people. The za is according to the problems encountered in the work at ordinary times, see, very anxious, so want to talk about their own views, hope to useful. Sometimes, perhaps the soil is a good way.

: the first part of the overall strategic

according to my observation, as a boss, as well as the core management team is clear and understand, but in the implementation of grassroots than previously, more is the only or for a performance orientation of “headache cure head, the foot painful medicine foot”, tend to put good policy execution into “complain” the effect.

, for example, the CEO rotation, when the boss in can also ensure everyone to understand company strategy and execution of consistency, but if you don’t have a “helmsman” and let the boss is quite anchors, this system is likely to bring chaos to huawei.

huawei business in operator’s successful experience is worthy of reference, a hole is also undoubtedly wise, but for businesses and consumers, business strategy and way need to distinguish between applications. In our view, huawei carrier business mindset among all adverse effect on business and consumer business:

1. operator’s success, let huawei people think market in other industries, as long as the struggle, also can be easily overcome;

2. huawei has yet to enter the industry market, to the boss first problem solver;

3. too Wolf exclusive, walk yourself’s road, let others no way out, aggressive too strong;

4. ignore strength of the alliance, a lack of trust and openness for partners.

below za specific talk about each piece of business:

in the second part: enterprise business

is an expert on business operators, huawei can heavily fight a war of annihilation, but on the enterprise business, only 500 is 500 home, huawei an impossible to achieve full coverage, relative operators and industry needs more protean, huawei is still cannot achieve industry understand and accumulate enough.

for huawei overseas and in China strategy customers can oneself to cover, but in China strategic customer still have to ship from channels, small and medium-sized enterprises should depend on the channel sales to cover as much as possible. Huawei need to strengthen and SI (system integrator) cooperation, through the SI introduce huawei products industry customers, the pursuit of industry core business rapidly occupation, platform business. At present, the market share of priority should be higher than the revenue and profit.

huawei need to SI cooperation good solutions rapidly popularized in overseas markets, make its “integration” real work. Huawei’s products solution relative to the industry factory or senior SI , is still very young, so don’t emphasize information security all the , should provide active push channel partners industry understanding, product combination plan Suggestions, etc. Hope huawei features, carefully study the similar competitive products guide channel huawei products and sales of the like product knowledge competition strategy, etc.

in addition, the country each year in many countries have built or procurement, the business to high-profile, countries support the brothers of Asia, Africa and Latin America is quite powerful, it was a big birthday cake.

here’s business.

huawei products can depend on, according to the market price to avoid (joke) listen to huawei’s brothers telepresence a point offer 40 thousands of yuan, but wisdom is a price quote point 20 $problem, customer and channel be scared away, really will not come back. (LaoJi notation: looks like huawei before doing some new products have not seriously do market research, that’s not the traditional old huawei people ah!)

huawei need to increase the transparency of cooperation, the channels to release the product list price, industry general discount rate, at least let channel partners can drawing budget for the customer the first, second know that I can pass the cooperation with huawei to earn much money. Huawei people must understand that let the boss demanded that profit margins, and not require 100% the profits of huawei must be loaded in the pockets.

in finance, electric power, the government and other large industry customers, operators of self-destructive business offer cannot be used, the industry is to purchase product safety in the first place, but also often have a gray area, will go up and then twist towel off someone else’s life. For small and medium enterprises, private enterprises, huawei keep good price floor and ceiling, strictly control the regional series goods, other let channel to deal with it.

the third part: consumer business

let’s talk about the brand. Unified enterprise image for huawei company to do it, “is not only a 500 is not suitable for product ads. Distinguish between products series, personalized (such as the student machine outstanding fashion cool) + business (outstanding stability, mobile office performance) + functional (under the big series segmentation such as the elderly, women machine, etc.) .

for advertising, the function is the function, the image is the image, not a lot.

implantable marketing, sports stars is a good idea, but must pay attention to the product series of matching, to pay attention to the audience segmentation of the crowd. Careful with hunger marketing, huawei mobile phone has not yet become synonymous with high-end machine, android and IOS also not on consumer understand a class.

say retail channels. Advice from lenovo, digital China distributors to dig several channels of electronic product manager, or retail marketing masters, cell phone is now belongs to the fast pin product.

supermarket, the salesperson actively recommend to the customer, must be a salesman commission of the highest goods. And after-sales service to keep up with, like sunshine co., LTD. Is a good object of service outsourcing.

huawei mobile phone price cycle to some long, huawei self-built channels such as Vmall and experience store must be the last price, shipment to cover a good distributor.

The fourth part:

operator business

about business operators, huawei is Montana operator business, outsourcing, we do only what the quality problem of the outsourcing from the perspective of huawei.

China is what time to start back at first emphasizes the quality problems, is about 2006-2009 year, it was big stage of development, huawei outsourcing supplier will follow after the days of a relatively moist. This day, both huawei and suppliers to try very hard to increase the size, so the question is, personnel growth too fast, the management capacity of indigestion.

in this case, the director of process and the IT (LaoJi notation: this is huawei internal specific refer to, refers to the huawei’s CEO xu, one of the big three straight sides. Since there are “small” must have “big”, “big xu” refers to the enterprise business