Huawei buy nokia: a premeditated misunderstanding

a contributing author: electricity independent analyst DiTieCheng

huawei to London to open its new flagship P6 conference, was just an conference, huawei’s once again to the efforts of the high-end market, after the scandal make out: the financial times reported, vice President of huawei, huawei terminal chairman yu consider buy nokia (yu said: “considering such deals, but that depends on nokia’s willingness, huawei is open.” ), news, nokia shares rose 11%.

then he sent a small clarification: media reporter garbled misunderstood, we proposed huawei to reporters on the spot buy nokia’s advice to give clear negative reply and problems. We are open, it doesn’t mean we’re going to do, our reply is not to do it.

by clarify gossip rumors, but history tells us that the rumor is often the most close to the truth. So on speculation is not as clear and calm.

to judge what is misunderstanding or premeditated hype, analyse what do I get to buy nokia, huawei worth it, and also be clear at a glance.

nokia value of mergers and acquisitions by so few parts: 1. The brand. There’s no need to say more, after all, was once a rule for more than ten years of lead the eldest brother. 2. The channel. 3. The research and development ability. 4. Patent reserves.

brand: huawei while playing a mid-range machine before, but progress quickly, strong technical force, since this year has been working hard in the high-end walks, the London conference to launch the P6 is face to face with the samsung Galaxy S4 competition.

someone compare giovanni cobolli gigli acquisition Volvo, actually does not have comparability between. Geely before the acquisition is its size is not too big, there is little foreign limited access, brand influence, belongs to the typical snake swallow like. Huawei is not, in 2012 for revenue with nokia, but profitability is far above, not to mention the huawei at the rising stage, and decline more than nokia.

huawei shipments are now in the world third, second only to samsung and apple, people, money, technology, experienced, and determination, huawei is entirely possible launched its own brand.

channel: if time back to four or five years ago, the channels of nokia is enough to make any opponent. There to this day, can only say: the bad weather.

as the apple and the rise of electric business, the traditional mobile phone sales channels gradually decline, flagship stores, online, operators began to dominate the channels, traditional stores, stores gradually descended into small brands and even hold the lifeline of the brand. Overnight, those who let nokia proud of the brilliant achievements of traditional channels, benefits not only for nokia gradually atrophic, but also become the trend of the baggage!

(compare the nokia and apple: nokia only layoffs reached 40000 people, nearly three years and apple the total number of employees 60000 people.)

for such a channel could become a heavy burden, huawei interested in into the unit?


once the hand of more than half of the world’s best mobile phones from nokia – even now, if only in durability as a measure, about nokia still dominates the NO. 1.

a joke said that apple iphone, nokia’s engineers immediately buy a back test, test to the conclusion that the iphone does not have threat, reason is: fell on the ground, apple screen broke.

huawei have passion for technology, mobile phones, is only part of huawei. Huawei in the accumulation of communication equipment for many years to support the mobile phone business, since last year huawei mobile phones such as batch use their haisi processor.

maybe at the technical level, compared with nokia and gap, but from the point of the model of huawei recently launched in high-end oriented, the gap is shrinking rapidly.

patents: nokia had accumulated huge amounts of patents, is the nokia has a core value. How important is it to the patent, look at the apple wielding the big stick of patent, stamped on the samsung, punch HTC, knew that patents are mobile phones that technology-intensive industry, overrun strutting lift one hit stall I collect necessary protection.

this is also about nokia only really let huawei heart of good things. But that “the only good things, make huawei tightening their belts out pockets and debt obviously reason is not enough, what’s more, as nokia hardcore gay friends, Microsoft can tolerate nokia into someone else’s mouth? Unless huawei and Microsoft signed an agreement: the acquisition of nokia, huawei huawei brand mobile phones (including their own) only Windows Phone!

everybody, it’s easy to see with huawei remote possibility to buy nokia (er, miracles always happen). Why from the media to the netizens, tolerates yu to clarify or speculation? I guess mainly because huawei has been very low-key, used to focusing make a fortune, uncle a frowsty coquettish type of menopause image, for similar to the word “hype” usually don’t catch a cold, so once come out gossip, the audience always subconscious that uncle want to play hardball.

but the audience clearly to underestimate the determination of the huawei focus to consumer market. Engineering culture has always been considered huawei barriers to exploit the consumer market, so, now, in Europe, in the flagship product P6 conference, he decided to do as the Romans do, uncle compared middle-aged, continuously making lace news playboy undoubtedly more wins the screaming of the girls, especially the gossip of the other party or a despite declining but has always been highly publised prince aristocrat, such gossip is of great help to improve recognition in Europe and the United States to China.

in the end, and finally, besides, the above analysis is bullshit, actually it is impossible to buy the reason is simple: huawei huawei not rich experience in acquisition, for many years the only purchase scale in the harbour networks, but the purpose of the acquisition of harbor only to physically destroy it, there is no much integration problems. Once the acquisition of nokia, integration will become confused huawei sill almost certain death. For flourishing more and more revealing a generation of tortoise of huawei, there is a good day, however, pressure on all house bet on the significance of a?