How to start a business? Some advice for you.”

nowadays days throughout all the land of opportunity, look at you of all kinds of information, whether to also want to put aside the hands of secure office life, become a member of a youthful in startups operate well?

a startup, it seems that is a really handsome one thing. But, do you really understand what it means?

as a Lean Startup elite (entrepreneurship) activity is one of the sponsors of Steve Blank of entrepreneurship are defined as follows: “start-up, is for the sake of finding the repeatable and can be the business of the development of scale and a group”.

in start-up companies, either haven’t developed the suitable products, or have products but not suitable for customer, or product to sell, but it is not know how to promote the marketing and profit by this. As a result, the metaphor of Blank can be so understanding – working in a startup, is without trouble and confusion. The worst condition, people can through the process of self-made, from nothing to start accumulating; The best state, is to reform the existing product, perfect and innovation through repair set up a new land. Of course, all of “entrepreneurship to” need to be on the premise that capital protection.

if you have a clear idea of entrepreneurial company, that you want how to startup recruiters to prove you are the person they need? How can they know you can be yourself calm at work hard, how can you know you would be able to get work in a startup needed to face the pressure?

the answer is not complicated.

action first, do something.

business entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial beginning is always difficult, most of the time even thankless are not flattering. You need to experiment, to experiment, testing, and often poured painstaking care products always out all sorts of mistakes at the beginning, you often need to face failure more than once, you may also need to try the second, third…

look, the beginning of business will be hit some big or small.

but this is what you need to know. If you are really involved in the process of the birth of a product, you will deeply realize “the word” and “entrepreneurship” sad and pain. How to test, how to defeat, how blue the tangle of the wall, and how to clean up the mood to test new products, new products, of course, is also likely to face another failure. (I’m really not in the crow mouth & gt; _ & lt; , the most, you can call me with bad ghost.

if you haven’t experienced those like this in the beginning can experience anxiety, stress, disappointed, then hurriedly set out to do something, there is no more than to develop a new project can exercise the toughness. And to be successful in the startup development, strong psychological ability is indispensable.

oh, if you don’t know where to start to begin, the following are some Suggestions for your reference – spend less mind on “what to do”, can more focus on “how to start”.

1. Create an online communication group, and organize the party salon

create a good exchange tour to cook cooking, writing code, college basketball as the theme. A Meetup online platform, such as creating community salon and organize the party, is a much easier than ever before. Simple, of course, is to create groups, how to call the couple, how to organize the party and activity, how to promote groups are worth learning and scrutiny. In this process, you are likely to encounter setbacks. However, this is what the experience you need.

2. Start a blog

although blog look fashionable and easy, but in fact not the case.

use the built-in theme, occasionally hair small groups of poems in a month, is “blogging”. The post of a valuable opinion, corresponding to add the custom element, keyword search optimization (SEO), systematically updated to attract more readers and followers, and “blogging”. Obviously, the startup will have a more profound impression to the latter.

3. Design to launch a App

if you are a program ape/apologise, you can try for exchanging technology company design a App, for example, according to the company to provide the API interface to build relevant web pages, or design related mobile App. Go to the interview with your model, want to get the interviewer’s admiration.

if you haven’t played and code, temporarily don’t lose heart in a hurry. Online resource is rich, there are great learning website, can let you learn coding according to their own progress.

4. Writing an ebook

write a good ebook need perseverance, need more efforts. This is just before the public release. When you need public release, and sales promotion and other problems need to be solved. The author has experienced the process of sale written books myself. If you are interested in this method, you can refer to the author, in order to avoid accidentally walked detours.

5. Class teaching

where everyone has their good at. So you can also use, such as platform, choose a wonderful proficient in their field of class teaching. How to make teaching content look interesting, how to call students are very challenging work. (I also tried, so very sure about it.) Class teaching not only can exercise the toughness, but also you need to help your golden opportunity to enhance communication and social skills. At the same time, you are familiar with in the field of professional positioning will be achieved. Above all, will make you highly profitable.

read here, you want to good what to do?