How to hear Siri poking fun at Google glasses

apple and Google’s war, have no news. Recently, however, iPhone users “mistakes”, intentionally or unintentionally, but raises another episode of two supremacy.

when a user use iPhone voice assistant Siri, but tell it the Google glasses instructions – “Ok, Glass.” And Siri actually will make response to the user’s “mistakes” :

, “Glass filled with only half a cup (Glass in the English language, both the meaning of glasses, also has the meaning of glassware)

, “don’t put me on your forehead, I said, it doesn’t work.”

, “I am not glasses, but I still qualified for your job.”

, “glasses? ! Hello, are you sure you are looking for me.”

“, you know, just 1 vigorously blunt I blink, I’m not going to help you with your work.”

Siri is the only one who can response to humor user “error” directive’s personal assistant. When a user of Google Now (Google voice assistant) tell Siri, it will only help the user to search on the Internet.

so far, apple did not comment on the news.

although Google glasses on a global scale, widely popular, but the apple has been much maligned. D11 conference this year, “it (the Google glasses) for vertical niche is attractive, but I don’t think it can have a wide range of markets.”