How foreign media look at Microsoft’s purchase this time? Forbes: nokia is cabbage

Microsoft announced today that will be $7.175 billion acquisition of nokia devices and services department (mobile phones), including parts of the patent. Among them, the Microsoft “posted” nokia elop will also return to former club, so far, he served as nokia has nearly 3 years.

after a news, immediately become the focus of reported at home and abroad. For Microsoft and nokia both fellow, “together” is not do more harm than good, or do more harm than good? , cloud network hunting for well-known foreign media for you finishing department point of view, to readers.

“” : low prices

although nokia is still in hot water, but the company series of sell like hot cakes, has made the one hundred – year – old revealed a trend of bottoming out. $7.2 billion purchase price can let a person feel nokia sold off. Three years ago, Mr Elop airborne to nokia, and lead the company overall for WP before long. Nowadays, the former Microsoft executive, horse, again to nokia’s most profitable department sold his old club.

the New York times: no good cooperation

since elop join nokia, analysts predicted that nokia and Microsoft, will eventually go the road of marriage. Cooperation between the two giants, however, did not bring the obvious positive performance. Perhaps nokia life exist as an independent company is running out.

“” : good nokia

obviously, Microsoft to buy nokia devices and services, in order to strengthen its in the field of mobile intelligent devices, with the gap between apple and Google. And for nokia, Microsoft, receive money, also seems to be a good choice.”

“:” Microsoft and PC makers confrontation aggravate

despite the Surface failure case, Microsoft thinks hardware is ready to do business, but it is developing the rumored tablet. The acquisition will push the Microsoft to HP, dell, HTC, such as the opposite of partners, the two sides began to draw a line.

Microsoft decided it is time to make a radical decision, thereby gaining a world class mobile phones and equipment design experts, nokia smartphone sales are not high, but the quality is very good. For Microsoft, the deal could be countered, also may be flawed.

: strengthen cell phone manufacturers control

through the acquisition, we understand the fact that the apple smartphone operating system such as giants, in the process of build its own ecosystem, will strengthen the direct control of mobile equipment manufacturers.

: nokia will operate independently

that nokia will continue to exist as an independent company, while the survival process is very dangerous.