How far is it from Google smart watches from us? On the 31st of this month?

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Google smart watches development has entered the stage of finishing. It is understood that this product will have Google Now related functions.

after the Android Police, co-founder of Artem Russakovskii once said in a release, Google will be released this month 31 a called “Nexus watch” smart watch. It is reported, this kind of product named “Gem” (Gem) will be issued together with the latest Android system KiKat.

giants such as samsung, wearable equipment market has more competitive. After Google released the beta version of Google Glass has caused widespread media attention. Nevertheless, wearable devices are still restricted to the development of the existing technology. We hope that companies such as Google, apple can amaze the world again, set a benchmark for the new field.