How Facebook via mobile advertising to make money?

Facebook 5 on 2 , issued by the 2013 in the first quarter results. Results showed that its mobile advertising revenue accounted for rose sharply to 30% . The same period of last year the proportion was only about 14% .

in the notorious mobile advertising, Facebook finally ushered in a good growth. It is well known that the mobile Internet business cash earnings have been far less PC . Even the mobile phone games, company once only in the PC ARPU value, and mobile advertising because of the small screen, is not popular with the brand advertisers. Facebook in the preliminary result of mobile advertising to ease the market for facebook , Facebook in the field of mobile advertising is how to power?

first Facebook part of success from the Asian market mobile applications to install advertising outstanding performance in the first quarter. 3800 name developers use these ads to promote nearly 2500 ten thousand downloads. The top 100 among developers, 40% to use this kind of advertising. Facebook 7 month launched its own applications center ( the App Center) , which means the Facebook have a similar to apple App Store the app store, user here to find the right application, if can jump straight to the shops to download accordingly. Developers do not miserly pay an advertising fee. Sina weibo latest version it is said that will provide better service for the application of distributed download. Looks like a mobile application distribution is an important advertising model of social networks in the future.

secondly, mobile advertising platform based on big data.

in the mobile advertising platform, Facebook Facebook advertisers bid for mobile advertising platform, such as ( and iAd have to fill in the contents of advertisements.

Facebook use their mastery of the huge amounts of accurate user information, through the flow of other mobile products for their income. Due to massive amounts of customer information, Facebook the advertising precision of an advantage than other advertising platform.

the third is the last of mobile advertising assets realizable.

the earnings conference call, Facebook CFO bosman, says David Iraq because Facebook in a dynamic message (News Feed) in display advertising more can cause the attention of the user, so as the growth of the user viscosity, they get higher advertisement price. Besides video advertising and takeover them commercialization are in full swing. So far, only 41% monthly active users of the United States, Canada and Europe revenues accounted for as much as three areas 74% means that the market of other countries have continued to realise the potential and space.

Facebook in the past have been mobile performance is bad, the continuous integration of mobile assets this year, finally reached the cash harvest stage.

Facebook the challenges of the future

Facebook there are two big future challenges, the first is the mobile advertising in general is still not as good as PC advertising profits, it will affect the Facebook operating margins. In the first quarter Facebook operating margins for 26% , from last year’s 36% decline significantly.