How can not put lenovo PC, win the future?


when Mr Yang at lenovo to 2020 years over samsung, I don’t know who will take this seriously.

samsung is beyond, in such a rapidly changing industry, 7 years enough to reverse the global. Back to the 7 years ago, not many people dare to also predicted that samsung can defeat the king of nokia, and a commanding lead.

however, 2006 years of samsung, already the world’s first LCD manufacturers and the world’s second chip makers. Further back, 1991 year, samsung in liquid crystal display technology, and ventured into the semiconductor industry, it is in the earlier 1977 years. It is in the core components in the field of the deep accumulation, let the samsung is able to operate in the smartphone market.

today, what is the bottom spirit, shout out so brave?

there is no denying the fact that in recent years, lenovo in the PC the location of the market has been steady, its smartphone business is at a tremendous rate. This year, the lenovo is a big organization structure adjustment, the company is divided into Think and Lenovo two end-to-end business group, the former contains Think brand products and enterprise business, pushing into the high-end market, strives to compete with apple; While the latter includes the original lenovo computers and mobile Internet and digital home business, committed to providing the public products.

unfortunately, with samsung “in addition to his wife and children, everything all want to change”, compared to the heroic slogan lenovo’s change, still have to PC conservative tastes.

in the future vision of publicly in Yang yuanqing, hope lenovo in “ “gain comprehensive leading industry. And this “ “, it covers the lenovo are involved in many fields, including personal computers, smart phones, tablets and smart TV, and many other products.

in mature PC products, from to buy the Think brand, and associated with many years of practice to construct Lenovo brand, both really separate the obvious: the former focus on the enterprise market, while the latter focuses on the mass consumers. The two brand into two relatively independent group, play to their strengths, service to their customers. Lenovo has been PC in the market for many years struggle, such adjustment, the advantages and disadvantages of suspense.

but if to expand field of vision to global, the new organizational structure, but looks out of place. Industry has change, the traditional market segmentation boundary blurring, apple has been checked siege enterprise market consumer market, samsung also fit all with a brand, and lenovo still holding the old point of view.

predictably, in order to compete with apple and to sustain corporate customers, based on high-end Think brand inevitably want to smartphone and tablet market, lenovo executives have expressed by this tendency; At the same time, Lenovo brand, to increase profit share and ascension, also not willing to always fight in the mid-range of the red sea.

two group conflict is inevitable. For PC market design organization, difficult to adapt to the time.

brothers the purpose of that day of, perhaps is lenovo next starting point of the organizational change. But samsung does not stop today, it would still be full, until the lenovo hopeless, consciously give up chasing.

maybe, all this is miscalculation. For Mr Yang, protect PC market, is he the fundamental starting point. The release beyond the samsung brave, like so many times before to challenge apple, just for the sake of encouraging the morale of the employees, motivate people to dare.

I wish, the morale, don’t like the idiom story, the momentum, and failure again, three and exhaust.

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