Hot today review: look at the river’s intelligence speed version update

on April 24, hunting cloud network readers wonderful comments.

the industry focus today than domestic antivirus jiangmin company founder level civil strife cloud network connection Cao Lingxiang hunting, cao who is jiangmin planning department manager, from 2002 to 2011 in jiangmin company work.

Cao Lingxiang revealed that jiangmin use security drive has a lifetime contract. Cao Lingxiang broke again, then say a great landslide jiangmin company business development, employee left dozens of people.

Cao Lingxiang said it is jiangmin science and technology of the incumbent chief executive Wang Ying jiangmin science and technology into the abyss, and gives three reasons.

cloud network hunting reader comments, look at the product. Yes, the Internet is good or bad for the development of the company actually together is also very simple, go and see their products. All those who do not update, can not contact the customer service and so on are problematic..

look at jiang intelligence speed version of the update, I heard that now has no active defense module and now, there is a five-year mandate, expires next year. Jiangmin is the longest I use the earliest domestic soft, but reduced to the point where now
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of course have to take care of my son


pursuing invariable monopoly benefit in the end will be eliminated by user


domestic companies but few innovative products companies who set up the innovation group, almost in the end is severance, departure, fruitless.


known, this is how the local protectionism? !


others die on a copy of the your products, no soul, any copying others died early as early as super living death. How to die? Can you copy my products, but how to copy my core values? Do you know what I do, but how do you know what will I do? Since is plagiarism, it must be better than you slow step, with constant innovation to create their own personality, the user’s choice that you are the real NO. 1. You are the best


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