Hollywood Mega link in request delete Google search results Google declined

recently, two major Hollywood studios asked Google to Kim Dotcom started the Mega (resource sharing site) to remove out from its search results. Warner Brothers and NBC universal, said Mega their film rights have been infringed, want Google to “seal” the site’s search results. The news made the Dotcom is very bad, he said the “attachment” is strictly limited by law. He said: “over the years, we had enough of those dictators” content “of the” oppression “, their behavior hampering the free circulation of resources and sharing.”

those copyright owners every week to Google “complain” they how many copyright has been violated, and hopes to the Google search these pirated movies and music out.

obviously, not all of their request is correct. Because of this “mechanized” the number of complaints is very huge, and many copyright owners have failed to notice the effectiveness of lawsuit, so there are a lot of those “sealed” case is questionable.

I think Kim Dotcom was very unlucky, because a lot of “copyright” with the contradiction to the Mega. In recent weeks, Warner Brothers and NBC universal requests to Google to Mega is removed from its search results. Oddly, however, Mega page link no resource files, but these bosses must and Dotcom.

on the other hand, NBC global appeal pressure ceaselessly, ask Google admitted that Mega violated the film “mother” of the copyright. Warner Brothers also claimed that, on the other hand, according to the DMCA (digital Copyright Act one thousand) regulation, Mega suspected provide the public with pirated movies “wind help legend” (Gangster Squad).

Kim Dotcom protested to the so-called “censorship”. He feels very innocent, because it is not the first time that he become the victims of “copyright abuse”.

the Dotcom said in an interview: “some people may remember that universal music against Megaupload (online network location) violated their music copyright, and tries to review the Mega all radio advertising. Those “thugs” poisoned the whole Megaupload service fact, still remind people, those people’s behavior is how shameless, no discipline.”

however, Google refused warner and universal request, today we can still be found in the Google search mega home page. However, the content of “dictator” destroyed “pirate party” (the virtues of the free flow of information resource) events have occurred, more numerous and various kinds of wrongs. The Dotcom said, when those charges according to the DMCA Megaupload case, more than one 5 are themselves.

he said: “we were carefully analyzed those charges on Megaupload terms, found that most of them are based on the automatic generation of keywords. But the rubbish things, shot a lot of legal resource file. Unfortunately, “censorship” by excessive abuse, that all service providers.

the Dotcom, points out that the White House should not always to Hollywood “backing”, the government should be aware of the entertainment business tycoons are abuse of the rights granted the DMCA, and will cause bad consequences.

he said: “this kind of abuse of rights, is the result of abusers who didn’t realize the use rights but also undertake corresponding obligations. These “the warlords” since so can proof comes from the United States government “escort” for them at the back. Through the so-called “policy” to bypass the Megaupload is the most typical example.”

the Dotcom, points out that the White House did not take the DMCA as Internet booster of economic prosperity in the United States, and use it as opposed the butcher’s knife.

Warner Brothers and global company “mistake” as we proved the fact that this evil “sealed” required has spread, it artificially “buried” the public to obtain the content of these had legal channels. Now, Google will receive every week hundreds of thousands of this kind of application for the “wrong”, but it has no ability to correct one by one.

the Dotcom said that the real problem existed in those extremists “copyright”, rather than as a service provider as the Mega.

the Dotcom finally told reporters: “for so many years, I have seen a lot of” wonderful work “. But to say who is really crazy, then it must be those extremists “copyright”. On the surface of them carried the DMCA to Sue people everywhere, but the bill has never been taken seriously. They seem to be very strong, but they are the weakest. Because they fear the innovation, especially those that are fundamentally change the industry pattern of innovation of corruption. However, history is always repeat themselves, innovation will eventually win.”