History repeats itself, the Android tablet Q2 beyond iOS, market share as high as 67%

2013 in the second quarter, in the field of tablet, Android finally pull apple fall down. Android tablet shipments to dominate the tablet shipments in the global market 67% , and apple fell to 28% , Microsoft account for only 4.5% . As shown in the data, Android are tablet market to repeat the story of the smartphone market: after apple, with close, completely beyond.

from shipments, brands sold in the second quarter of this year for 3620 ten thousand Android tablet, rose 47% . However, in the field of tablet has a lot of white card and stick a card (mainly Chinese) to the manufacturer, if you add them, that the second quarter Android tablet shipments as much as 5170 ten thousand. Do a subtraction you will find a shocking data: fake Android tablet shipments in the second quarter as much as 1500 more than ten thousand units.

at the same time, apple the shipments were down to 1460 ten thousand, market share from 47.2% to 28.3%. Strategy Analytics analyst Peter King : the sales decline associated with two quarter no new products recently. the mini at the end of last year.

with Windows tablet shipments also rise from 0.5% to 4.5%, in the second quarter of 2.3 million ranked the third delivery, yet still share is too small. This also and Microsoft in the smartphone market performance: anchor has been regarded as the third, but only single-digit percentage share.

although market share has been beyond, but the Android ecosystem is not nearly as also the + iOS. But is expected next Android will continue to progress, a large number of fake makers down Android the threshold of the tablet, brands of tablet prices also gradually lower ( the Nexus 7 , for example). Google on a flat plate, more seriously, Android tablet ecology is speeding up perfect.