High-souled youth, the raise and Ubuntu mobile phones or will not come out

half a month ago, the Ubuntu introduced a smartphone, called the “Edge” and the raise in the Indiegogo opened his own plan. However, the amount is the largest ever suggests, is likely to have a miscarriage. 30 days $32 million plan, obviously is too harsh, Canonical seemed to overpricing interest for Ubuntu Edge.

in the first 24 hours of financing, the Edge of the financing once soared to $3.45 million, but after that it was turned down. Began the first week of Edge raised $7.07 million, the amount of the first day accounted for 48%. In the next week, the activity of moving more slowly, just raised $1 million more than the first. So far, the Edge raised $8.29 million. Do a simple subtraction operation, the we found one day yesterday, the phone only reaped $80000, is engaged Edge says fewer than 100 people.


although the raise plan progress is not smooth, but the parent of Ubuntu Canonical still insist on your original idea. Unless you reach the original financing amount, the phone will jump.

earlier in the day, bloomberg has just provides $80000 in financing for Ubuntu Edge.

it is understood that in the biggest of all the raise on KickStarter, raised the highest Pebble for $10.26 million, the highest Indiegogo project for $1.66 million.

last week, the United Kingdom, the guardian reported from the Open Analytics, analysts say, the raise of Ubuntu Edge plan it is hard to meet expectations. They think the activity only harvest 18 million – $22 million in financing. However, opponents think that Canonical can achieve their wishes. Editor Joey – Elijah Sneddon says: “we all have never held such a large raise activities, yet all are unknown.”

in addition, Sneddon also noted the Ubuntu Edge in the raise strategy error in project. According to Canonical plan, the first 5000 finance providers will be able to discount of $600 due to Ubuntu Edge. And along with the advancement of activity, the reserve price will be rising stage (per 1250 reservation) for a period, from $625, $650, $675, all the way to the final price of $830. Sneddon said: “it is somewhat impractical, who would want to buy a new cell phone price is higher and higher?”

although, a lot of all the activities will be a miracle in the final stage, raise Canonical goal seems to be too demanding. The largest ever suggests, will inevitably face embarrassing result of abortion.


PS: the following is the Ubuntu Edge mobile configuration parameters: (from the public media reports)

4.5 -inch sapphire material 1280 x 720 pixel screen

multi-core processors Can connect the monitor used for Ubuntu host

4 gb RAM 128 gb storage

with Android, Ubuntu double system

the rear 8 million megapixel camera, pre – 2 million megapixel camera

support LTE

provide accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and barometer functions such as