High quality – “Hi Res” strong market expansion, JVCKenwood announced formally entered, SONY and enlarge product scale

(in the editor: dragon interface)

CD information of 3 to 8 times, with the recording studio sound source close to the Hi – Resolusion. Audio music player market begin to gradually heating up. JVCKenwood announced 10, formally entered the market, SONY has expanded the market oriented machine varieties. The network environment of the Internet also make it possible for such audio music publishing.

“the sale of our products will meet want to hear good music music enthusiasts, and hope to hear music producer of high quality music.”

JVCKenwood palace this chang tuan Audio department minister asked why to march to the market, so that explains. The company’s high quality audio player K series updated and published. – can Hi Res of upgrade (suggested retail price (90000, 4500 yen) and the CD music – Res quality increases with Hi technology play CD player (recommended retail price of 70000 yuan ($8750), and so on four kind of models in the middle of this month will be put into the market.

SONY Walkman player for music – “Walkman”, etc have Hi Res playback function of the product, put forward in the second half of 2013 sales increase of 20% of all audio products. In addition, yamaha in early December to carry for Hi Res audio reinforcement plate vibration speakers (recommended retail price 210000 yen) will also be put into the market.

JVCKenwood except the audio playback equipment, headphones, the size of the market than the same period last year increased by 9%, delivery Numbers increased by 3% than the same period last year. Palace Ben’s “want to listen to high-quality demand increased” analysis, is based on the Hi Res – to demand will further improve the expected mean.

on the other hand, the Hi Res – music content dissemination way also become diversified.

BIKUTAA entertainment since last September began to send the Hi Res – music, music Walkman by providing services will also be starting on the 17th of this month to provide the Hi Res – audio music booking service.