He’s Always Been with Me

My husband took me to a Singapore aesthetic clinic to get a treatment done for my acne scars. Acne has been a problem that I’ve faced for years, and the scarring that occurs after the acne goes away has always been the worst part for me. I’ve been trying different products over the years to get rid of the scars, but they never worked. Each one made the same promise to reduce the visibility of scars, but I was always left wondering when the product would actually start working, and then I would give up hope, because nothing would ever happen, and I would move on to the next one. Not only did this discourage me, but it caused me to waste money. If the products weren’t going to work, I could have just avoided buying them and saved my money.

In order to remove the scars from my face, the clinic decided to use carbon dioxide laser treatment. This was a far more advanced treatment method than the standard creams that I had been used to buying over the years. In all of the years of treatments, this was the first case where I had hope that the treatment would actually work, rather than disappointing me.

The laser treatment was the best thing that I could have ever hoped for, because it took care of those acne scars like they were nothing. I told my husband that I’m finally beautiful, but he told me that I was always beautiful. He always says corny stuff like that to me, but I like it. I’m thankful that he stuck with me through all of the years of my acne problems. He’s put up with my moments of doubt and mental anguish, and has done his best to make sure that I feel better about myself.