“Hero alliance” was hacked and part of the user information in North America

“hero alliance” (economic Of Legend) was black!

on Tuesday, “hero alliance” the development of the company Riot Games announced the hacking, part of the user name, email and password data, even the credit card information was leaked. Distributed salt were carried out while the data processing (translator note: “salt” for cryptography terms belong to, add salt after the data has a higher security), but if the user’s password is set too simple rule, so most likely by hackers hack and steal.

however, Riot Games, said the affected only for North America, and in 2011 before the number of registered users.

in the official blog, Riot Games wrote:

“according to the results of the present investigation, we found that only about 12000 years ago in 12000, the trading records, by the invasion. Involved in the transaction of payment system, which has been in June 2011 to stop using, but we don’t have to collect the data and processing.”

actually, game makers have become one of the objects of hackers. It is understood that in 2011, the group (a hacker organization) is using distributed denial of service means, attacked ZeniMax (development which radiation 3, doom, “quake”) company’s game. Last year, due to hacker attacks, part of the world of warcraft scene in a short period of time into a “dead city”, a lot of players were killed during combat. In addition, in June of this year, have development of assassin’s creed ubisoft company, because of security vulnerabilities in software, and be part of the customer information being stolen.

as far as possible in order to avoid the happening of the hacker attacks, Riot Games is to strengthen the security function of game Settings. For example, it requires the user to use email, two steps for certification, certification, and require the user to set more is not easy to be cracked passwords, and so on.

the fair show, said: “we have started to notice may be affected the game players, and will further improve the safety of the game. In addition, we will further to a thorough investigation into the attack behavior.”