Her boyfriend tracking application in Brazil to fame: can monitor each other phone calls

Google apps on the app store – tracker “boyfriend” recently very fire in Brazil. This app to make people aware of the position of the target and the messages they send. However, due to the existence of suspected to steal the privacy of personal information, last week, Google has removed the software.

can monitor each other phone calls


this is called “boyfriend” mobile phone application software, a private detective, known as the pocket, can for the position of the tracker to update their partners, can even allow users to force the target cell phone to call themselves, quietly to listen to the other person. This software, which is popular, the introduction of two months, there were 50000 downloads.

the software charge $2 per month. The software developers, 24, Matthews if Gerry said, at first it was just a joke between he and his girlfriend, but the idea soon caught between his friends. He said: “in Brazil, people often used to change partners, so it is a way to deal with this problem. People appreciate that there is a tool to help them to find out if he was cheated by the other half.” He said he had received 50 personal thank you note, the letter said the application to help them to find out the partner’s infidelity.

by privacy complaints have been delete

the Brazilian Marcia DE almeida said: “the Brazilian skeptic. , of course, the software will be welcome.” 47 almeida divorce seven years ago, and she said the divorce is largely because of her husband’s infidelity.

however, the software encountered opposition from some people, the reason is that its existence on privacy infringement and potential risk of blackmail, might even bring stalker. So Google decided, it is removed from the app store, but the lawyer’s review confirms that the software does not violate the Brazilian law.

modified focus on family security

in fact, as early as in 2011, Japan launched a similar tracker “boyfriend”, girlfriends and wives pay close attention to their other half. Similar to Google, the software has also been many complaints, but the company later for the improvement of this software.

modified tracker “boyfriend” noted, the installation program must be at least 20 years old to use, and must be get by the consent of the tracker, if not for the confirmation, tracking function is not enabled, the other suppliers also stressed that in order to prevent the program error, information provided by all “are for reference only.

in addition, the developers emphasizes, the motivation of this software invention is widely used in the family or friends, hope to be able to understand each other security, not qualified for couples. As a result, a lot less complaints.