Have bad market, Facebook mobile fire sale

today, AT& T and HTC has decided to make the built-in Facebook Home First phone strap two-year contract prices have fallen to 0.99 $.

at first the phone contract price is 99 $. Can be slashed prices listed less than a month, for this kind of mobile phone is not a good one million.

analysts in a report was apprehensive about the sale of this phone, but now the price cut also illustrates this point. One analyst said he give a AT& T call store employees, employees complained to him that so far he hasn’t sold a HTC First.

Facebook also are trying to use a series of expensive advertising sells HTC First and Facebook Home. These ads appear in prime time between major sporting events, such as the national university basketball league quarter-final.

Facebook Home is a Facebook launched the Android app. The phone with your Facebook friends share photos and status instead of your phone home screen. This change to fully implement the concept of its research and development, they think the social function of mobile phone is the first, other such as app , games, and so on are in second.

so far, Facebook Home applies only to a small number of Android phones. The HTC is the only a production of built-in Facebook Home phone manufacturers.