Hatch’s first mobile products popular newspaper supplement: childhood

hunting cloud network on August 12 (editor: liu)

in the mobile Internet trend shocks, traditional media with traditional + official such tags – the China youth daily (hereinafter referred to as: the middle) also have to make strategic adjustment and layout. But remarkably, the popular newspaper supplement the first mobile products is not in the media properties, but focus on campus life services.

for now, the university campus there are big market space, also has not yet been widely cultivated. The popular newspaper supplement this mobile product called “childhood”, located in the campus life of express delivery platform, it also has great relation with the popular newspaper supplement service coverage.

since last August online so far, the products are officially launched nearly 1 year time, covered the iOS and android system. Has now covered with hundreds of domestic universities, has accumulated more than 140000 users. Even in some universities occupy a higher coverage, such as southwest university of science and technology, nearly 5000 registered users, accounts for about 1/5 of the total.

product main QMer concept

although traditional BBS BBS in the university, but on the mobile terminal, the vast majority of colleges and universities has not provide products and services, which is a new opportunity to childhood.

from the product point of view, childhood is big platform, a mobile community and national university of collection. But for a single user, is focused on the campus.

due to the university because of school spirit, professional, and geographic location are differences, different requirements. Childhood at the beginning of the product in the design of the operator to the university campus media, well-known community autonomous operation. Operation shall be free to set the column name, use QMer business philosophy to create content, thanks in large part to satisfy the students for the school of information, life and social needs.

in southwest university of science and technology, for example (ck greengage), at present, has set up a new camp, ck headlines, entertainment new, second-hand transactions, let’s team up and upcoming events and other columns. These contents are kept in different school community to specific operations, to some extent also prevented the garbage, water content and other problems. Ordinary users can share the content of the interested, comments.

for new registered users can easily fill in the information to register, however, the temporary not for student number, identity of greengage key information without too much limitation. In addition, users also can bind to sina weibo, renren, tencent weibo account login.

offline promotion mode

due to the campus is numerous, can’t go to the campus popular newspaper supplement promotion and operations, so choose the campus community such cooperation pattern, and through this link in order to develop Chinese college media alliance.

for the campus community members of the college students, mostly, the team has a strong interest in certain activities, plus time is relatively loose, they are more involved in May. Is more important, many college students have a sense of “learning and improving”, so, go to run a product for them with a sense of accomplishment.

but that doesn’t mean the greengage official relax selection criteria. According to the greengage Dai Ying, head of products, each university’s operations team will have exclusive club to personally responsible for, and there are strict audit and elimination mechanism. When screening program, considering the school official media team strength, school support and school factors such as the objective conditions, ultimately determine the greengage client operators in the school.

in addition, greengage official will regularly on campus operations on behalf of the communication and coaching, and collect opinions and feedback. At the end of last month, the second phase of the “university of greengage” camp, dozens of university representatives from all over the country gathered in Beijing to discuss operational experience.

, for the moment, childhood is more emphasis on “public interest” is the product value, does not take into account the issue of commercialization. According to the controller introduces, products in the future will gradually upgrade, provide more personalized content will gradually.