Hand swim under the wave of mergers and acquisitions, the shenzhou tai yue also sit not to live: $1.215 billion acquisition of tianjin shell wood software

recently suspended the shenzhou tai yue finally revealed the key assets handling case. The company announcement said last night, by issuing shares and pay cash for shell wood software co., LTD. 100% stake in tianjin (hereinafter referred to as: shell wood software), trade the price is 1.215 billion yuan.

statement provides the data shows, shell of the wood software a hand tour company, on behalf of as the “little empire”. The product since the 2011

In December

Google Play for the first time since the launch platform, has kept a leading position in the ranking in the same products, and the number of users has been growing.

China tai yue statement disclosure, in the 1.215 billion yuan of business, the company will be the price of 17.23 yuan/share, to tianjin shell wood issued to all shareholders of about 45.7052 million shares, the remaining RMB 428 million will be paid in cash.

financial data show that as of June 30, 2013, tianjin shell of the wood’s total assets of 46.3741 million yuan, net assets of 43.4286 million yuan. Between January and June 2013, tianjin shell wood business income is 41.1867 million yuan, net income of 33.6303 million yuan, the company in 2012 net profit of 13.529 million yuan.

expected full-year revenue of RMB 99.3497 million, 2013, 2014 to 170.64 million yuan, in 2015 to RMB 240 million, 2016 to 338 million yuan; Income growth rate of 71.76%, 40.80% and 40.74% respectively.

the calculation is based on the price of the shenzhou tai yue, compared the acquisition value of net assets in the base date of about 26.98 times. If the equity method calculation, the acquisition static p/e ratio as high as 89 times, dynamic price-earnings ratio of 18.06 times.

China tai yue trade each other commitments, tianjin shell wood 2013 annual net profit of 080 million yuan, 110 million yuan in 2014, 2015 annual 150 million yuan, 200 million yuan in 2016, otherwise, will make the corresponding compensation.