Hand Q negative comments constantly QQ product manager speak out: invisible to interfere with communication, so we want to show online

the new mobile phone QQ after launch, the commentary ruchao evil. Especially the contact status display: contact, or “dynamic” inside the “friends” online, face all is lit. Distinguish between friends online or offline, owing to the bad cause many poking fun at the new user. That participate in the new phone QQ design product managers is how to think?

“product manager Kenny ff in zhihu:

the first need to explain, 2013 version of the head does not represent online status, this has not been the biggest changes everyone understand.

the content of the banknote, in addition to represent a good friend, whether in the past have been through “light up” the supplementary expressed whether online, this is a habit of lasted for more than ten years, . The direct effects of the cognition, is to communicate online, people who do not online, is sent out a message can’t instant reply, typical PC age characteristics. Because computers can’t take, can’t surf the Internet at any time.

great changes have taken place in recent years, every day , 65% is sent via mobile phone. Phones are carrying most of the time, plus the ability to push, news is instant can reach. users are also very active, though not 24 hours online, but use frequency is high, plus mobile phone push, even if the other party is not PC before the end, generally can be seen soon. For message sender, the heart is more looking forward to as soon as possible to convey the information and receive feedback as soon as possible, and the head not bright is offline this cognitive, hinder the message motives, so that the whole adjustment, is wants to let the have the availability of cognitive communication, such as text, reliability is very high, hair before they don’t want to ever leave your cell phone.

, there are quite a few interaction, not just chat, and dynamic space, expressed by the head, should be a more vivid contacts, behind is rich in data and dynamic, it is not just a chat. For the change of the contact view, long ago in preparation, also analyze the user behavior data, including the communication object number, volume, time, etc., also have done many interviews, daily communication high frequency of friends is very concentrated, is don’t care whether the online communication, can rest assured of message, fewer objects for communication, even each other online, a typical introduction is: “ Hi , at?”

QQ , although stealth is also reasonable demand, but the information to some extent hindered the communication, originally have words want to say, because the gray head, went to the word of mouth and swallow, or switch to other tools. we provide ideal is easily without thinking communication service, guarantee the reliable message can be delivered. So in offline messages, across the terminal roaming did a lot of preparation, but the motives of message, has not been thoroughly solved.

so we made a very bold attempt to redefine the image conveyed the message, no longer express whether online, just to express personal image, because friends are living. In very much the behavior of the observation and interview, the communication with close friends is a very direct message or leave a message, and for boring scene, friends, or not often communication can choose from online friends in communication object, so we also offer a new “friends” online, directly show all the online status, solve this part of the communication scenarios.

due to the more user feedback problems, we have begun to study optimization scheme about the state of the online display, reducing the use of transitional good user habits. Mobile and more terminal will be the future firm’s strategic direction, we will with the user, to complete the in the mobile Internet era of self innovation.

this answer caused heated debate in zhihu:

zhihu user CArt: apparently not after investigation is self-righteous decided to…

Keith: what I want to say, the trap behind the data!

Chen Xianshuai: it is a good idea also by the force of habit, let alone 10 , + the habit of hundreds of millions of people.

adult Wolf: stealth means the can’t see me people don’t bother me and there are so many non mobile computer users, this article explain said is purely from the words.

Liu Zhongyang: hinder circulation of information is true, but stealth another meaning is “I didn’t want to talk to you don’t bother me” euphemism, euphemism than busy.

li xin: personal points out self contradictory points, “our goal is to provide easy thoughtless communication services, to ensure reliable message can be served.” Yes, since you said communication, of course, is both sides, but after you discussed “no longer express whether online, just to express personal image, because friends are alive.” Again means you admit that this show is only the sender users can view each other messages are received, but not obvious inconsistent… The individual feels this change a little bit worried, slightly larger span, which increases the problem of communication.

Tower Chen: QQ or , micro letter that micro letter, not to be good internal complementary, pull the user experience, but internal copying. It is no wonder that some say xiao-long zhang gong gao zhen4 the Lord.

Wingkin: using the communication is lies in its and WeChat subtle distinction. Stealth, because even if there is need to accept the useful information, but don’t want to be disturbed, don’t want to chat. Online, proving that I’m free now, I hope someone come and find me chat, welcome to chat. own personality, don’t become applicable product without personality, although want to dabble in tencent in various fields, but not the things can be used by a product to replace you, eventually change will only lost their own special .