Ham sausage readers spicy review 】 【 the rhythm of the CEO is leaving?

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Peter Chou, focus on product? Funny… On the top of the small temple kang company left by Mr Chou, he will design a hair products. Is clearly an excuse, Peter Chou, this is the rhythm of the departure

cloud network hunting: who is a small temple kang department? Before the SONY Ericsson executives, then move to HTC as a long production, but have left now. Words, Mr. Chou is operating personnel, not directly responsible for the product. HTC executives shock has been for a long time, Taiwan professor zheng big IMBA programme rui-hua li observation, HTC of choose and employ persons, like a stick ointment, “run, the deficit, no good to the layout of the internationalization, when need to hit a lot of money poaching ready-made team directly, come and find no careful to think about the problems of integration. It’s not say Mr Chou management has a problem! ?

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Siri is not working because of intelligent level is too low, unable to effectively identify and deal with the user’s diverse request. Want to improve to the accumulation of a large number of user data and analysed, and apple company, as the hardware is not too good at data analysis and processing (see up to slow speed, the evolution of the iPhone built-in application development level) in the long run, Siri prospects are grim.

hunting cloud network: in 56 nationalities country, really easy to a problem.

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big company infighting as commonplace. Why? Because big companies too rich, keeps a etc. These idle people KPI basically is moving. Think about how HP’s CEO mark hurd was stem bottom go to, think about how sina zhi-dong wang was killed. In the place of people, making money, infighting exist forever.

cloud network hunting: chairman MAO said, with great pleasure…

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the game host as a professional game equipment is inevitably has its own professional design. Even hand swim how rampant also difficult to eliminate a series of professional gaming devices. But from the objective perspective game host can not be eliminated. Not necessarily enough. As long as the conditions at the current view in both hands to swim or the PC games do not have enough conditions. Play the host with its powerful gameplay and rich game products and hold an old customer, but the rhythm of the market at present is generally very fast. Their light is easy to grasp such clients. Theory of portability, handheld is easy to carry and is stronger than ever before and performance of the picture, but a mobile phone for multi-function products not only the picture good gameplay also nots allow to ignore to strengthen is indeed in the slowly. And mobile phone can actually do everyday items, like playing games and the handheld is only for players. Customers in number is not the same level. Write some illegibility. To summarize, even of the same game in different platforms are different. So also each have each development in the future. As for eliminating said would be a little frivolous.

cloud network hunting: development, see!