Hackers “targeted” enterprise, “digging” less vigilant

yesterday, the (application) is “development” at breakneck speed, and the mobile operating system Android as the main target of attack. Today, we will take you to understand another more serious network security problems – malicious attacks against companies.

Google’s “transparency report” released recently shows that although the main objects of malicious software are individual consumers, (such as by sending false promotional information to defraud the user information or money), but some of these attacks can pose a big threat to the enterprise data. Even some hackers can be viewed via mobile devices, and get the confidential documents in enterprise network.

even if IT seems to us high security technology of the IT department and staff, also can “escape”. According to the wave resistance of Mongolia Institute (Ponemon Institute, is to assess the reliability of the famous American brand service authority) and Symantec (world leader Symantec Internet security technology) jointly issued in 2013, according to the report although IT company system failure probability is lower than other enterprises, in 277 IT companies surveyed, almost every family has encountered data theft cases. It is enough to show that for enterprise users against malicious attacks are increasing.

the survey also showed that although the enterprises will face huge losses after the attack, but as the initiator of malicious attacks, also want to put into huge cost. Especially those by “digging” field of finance, health care, in both technology and cost, is a not easy for hackers “chew bones”.

although purnell institute and symantec said in a report, 51% of the enterprise average hourly to a malicious attacks, but we have no need to “tree”. The reason is very simple, not all attacks are professional equipment level, most of the security threats faced by firms, from the server for their own use. The United States, France and Britain, for example, some enterprises by hiring data security adviser, strengthen security concept, set up a crisis response plan, greatly reduced the cost of in such aspects as safety equipment.

maybe, we are not completely “immune” to malicious attack, and can improve the safety consciousness, guard against malicious attacks, but it can largely increase the safety factor of the enterprise.

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