Guess: who is going to buy the blackberry?

last week, the blackberry competing privatization has become the major science and technology media coverage of significant events. Until the time is right, after yesterday, the blackberry official again thrown a bombshell:

news from Canada’s securities and exchange commission confirmed the reliability of the news.

although the blackberry worse performance in mobile smartphone market, can be used as the old mobile phone manufacturer, blackberry still has some bargaining power. In addition to the advantages of the patent, network security, the hands of the blackberry has $3 billion in cash.

we can not help but ask, blackberry is most likely to fall into which faction pockets?

, private equity fund : after privatization, the company will be far from various quarters of the desired pressure, and excessive intervention from Wall Street, this could cause the transformation of the blackberry gain greater space. Private at this point, on the other hand, can complete the deal with relatively low price, and no matter how the future direction of the blackberry, private-equity firms can profit from it.

Microsoft: in fact that’s not a news already. As early as last year, Reuters reported, Microsoft CEO into its own. Microsoft, the purpose of doing that, besides want to strengthen their WP camp is also in order to avoid the risk of its dominance in OEM.

, huawei, lenovo, millet: professional analysis, the three Chinese companies, is likely to enter the international market, and the acquisition of the blackberry. Although millet all-powerful, etc in the domestic market, compared with those of the world’s best-known smartphone brands, always can’t get away from the nickname “shanzhai”. Acquisition of the blackberry, the three companies will not only get its popularity, will naturally, get a blackberry existing market share (though very small). A classic example is the lenovo bought IBM’s personal computer business in 2004. However, given that, this kind of acquisition to the Canadian government refused.

, Canada : although the market performance of the blackberry unbearable, can be used as a local well-known brands, the Canadian government still proud for blackberry. After the blackberry privatisation news, a Canadian accumulation fund Investment department (Canada Pension Plan Investment Board), has expressed his own Investment intention. Although the acquisition of blackberry, too big for the Canadian government has no interest, but nationalism is a very strange thing.